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Hub City Homers: Getting to know coach McGuire with Our Daily Bears

Mark of ODB joins the Hub team.

First and foremost a big shoutout to Mark of ODB joining us to talk about Coach McGuire. The biggest takeaway from the interview has to be how loved Coach McGuire was around Waco. It truly sounds like Tech has hired a genuine, loyal guy who is going to give it his all to make an impact for this program.

We talk the big picture, who is Coach McGuire, what was he known for in Waco, and what can Tech fans expect? Then we dived into James Blanchard being the first named member of the staff and what the recruiting battlefield will look like going forward.

Once you listen to that great interview, stick around as our guy Kendall talks takeaways from game one. Things such as what he learned in Adams’ debut and how he is feeling about team even though the defense was admittedly kind of sloppy for an Adams coached squad.