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Cal Conley led the charge at the plate to earn this week’s Hitter of the Week

The redshirt freshman shortstop Cal Conley has great display at the plate against Rice to earn this week’s honor.

This past weekend against Rice, I witnessed probably the best hitting display I’ve ever seen from the Texas Tech Red Raiders but one man comes to mind when I think of someone who separated themselves from the rest of the pack: Redshirt freshman shortstop Cal Conley.

Conley dominated this past weekend against the Owls, going 6-for-13 over the course of the series. In game two, while the Red Raiders were on the verge of coming back, Conley knocked an RBI double to give Tech the lead, capping off a five RBI game. Conley was also a home run away from hitting the cycle. In game three, same old song and dance, with Tech down late, Conley had himself two RBI’s as Tech again came back to win and sweep the Owls.

Redshirt freshman shortstop Cal Conley (13)
Photo courtesy of Texas Tech Athletics