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Don’t get too high, don’t get too low

Through the good and bad you guys have been voting full confidence for the direction of this program!

West Virginia v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

What a way to bounce back from a two-game skid by beating West Virginia! One thing I’ve learned in the tenure of Chris Beard at the helm of Texas Tech is this: you can’t count the team out until they’re out. Now we’re all waking up with (hopefully) tempered expectations heading into Lawrence for our first bout with the Jayhawks - but the beauty of it all is that Texas Tech is one of the few teams in the SBNation FanPulse’s data that hasn’t wavered confidence since the start of the season. Some other teams, however, haven’t been so lucky. This week’s question was who has been the biggest disappointment this season? and I’m loving the results.

Boy, oh boy. North Carolina! One of the consistent top-recruiting teams in the country having one of its worst seasons in... bah... a long while (if this performance continues). Likewise, I’m surprised that Virginia fans chimed in and grouped up with Texas fans in terms of their percentage of disapointment. I suppose once you win a national championship, though, nothing will ever be as sweet. Florida and Ohio State also present.

To that aforementioned confidence of the Red Raider faithful:

BAM. 100%. Really this goes as a testament to the methodology of Chris Beard from his body language to his incessant respectfulness towards every-single-opponent. The man is just all class and, I think, our fan base (as it’s represented here) has likewise bought in to the promise of continued competition in his “multi-round fight.” Next up, Kansas Jayhawks at 3pm!