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Q&A with the enemy: Cowboys Ride For Free

The kind folks at Cowboys Ride For Free were kind enough to answer some questions.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I want to thank Micah of Cowboys Ride For Free for answering our questions. Without further ado, here we go!

Well, Bedlam could not have been fun. What is the mood in Stillwater? How does everyone view Gundy?

The fans are about done with Gundy. I think literally the only the thing that people are viewing as a reason to keep him is his buyout. That’s a hefty hunk of change when you can’t sell your normal ticket numbers.

The defense has been far improved, but the Cowboy offense has been stuck in the mud more often than a team with weapons like Wallace and Hubbard should be. What’s the disconnect holding back the offense?

I think there’s some maturity in Sanders that we just need to see more of. On top of that, Chuba, Wallace and Sanders could benefit from some protection from the offensive line. Honestly I think that’s where a lot of the offense hindrance starts.

Going into the game with Tech, what matchup are you most looking forward to? And what matchup most favors OSU?

I’m curious to see who handles Jack Anderson. I don’t have a doubt that OSU’s defensive front is up for it. I’m just really curious to see who ends up making sure they get to the quarterback against a player that doesn’t tend to let that happen.

Who has been the biggest surprise, in a good or bad way, for the Pokes?

Hmmmmm....I’m gonna go with Sanders. Oklahoma State were really expecting quite a big jump in year two I think. But then COVID happens and spring and most of fall practice was snatched from him. It’s been a lot rockier than expected. I just feel like OSU needed him to play well for this season to be something and it just hasn’t worked out between injuries, and just some poor decisions.

Finally, who ya got? Does OSU rebound, or does Tech keep the streak alive in Stillwater?

I got the pokes 28-14.