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Four down territory: Oklahoma State

It may be basketball season now, but football has a big one against the Pokes.

Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

I hate bye weeks. I know the team has to love the rest and extra practice time, but I am just a lowly fan and I want action every week. But finally, it is almost game day and our guys have a date with Xerox U.

First Down: Make someone other than Hubbard win the game

Chuba Hubbard is a beast and maybe the best back in the conference. If Tech wants to win, he has to be contained. Forcing a suspect Oklahoma State quarterback to beat you is a recipe for success. Spencer Sanders has not proven he can do it with any consistency. Tylan Wallace is an incredible weapon, but if you can’t get him the ball his usage is limited.

If Oklahoma State can’t lean on their star running back, that offense is going to go nowhere in a hurry.

Second Down: The pass rush must get home

Oklahoma State has a banged up line, and is extremely vulnerable to pass rush. Part of what has killed Oklahoma State is not giving their quarterback any help. Tech has struggled all year at getting to the quarterback, but they must get it done.

If Spencer Sanders has time, even with his limited ability he can get over the top. That would unlock Hubbard’s potential, combining with a play-action game for devastating effects.

Third Down: Find a way to get a signature win

Tech is a program in crisis. The fan base no longer cares, and is just counting the days until they assume the regime will be changed out. See what happens now that basketball season is here for a prime example. Despite the fact that a win this weekend likely secures a bow bid and a successful season, no one cares.

Matt Wells blasted OSU last season, and it was the only decent win of his tenure. This year, he has WVU which would go down as an okay win by years end. Beating OSU would be a signature win, and would show everyone there are still reasons to watch. And like I mentioned, bowls are on the line.

Fourth Down: Why I hate Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State copies basically everything Tech does. Every time they do an Orange Power chant, or put their guns up I visibly gag. Nothing makes me angrier than a copy cat, and how unashamed they are to do it makes it worse.

Even if you are past the point of caring about football, watching Tech take down Xerox U will feel amazing I promise.