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Matt Wells makes a major upgrade on the defensive coaching staff with the hiring of Todd Orlando

Orlando’s time with Texas didn’t end well.... but there’s more to it than that.

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Everyone had been wondering if the Texas Tech football coaching staff would be undergoing any changes this off-season. The answer to that question is yes and a major move was made at that with the hiring of former Texas defensive coordinator in Todd Orlando.

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Although Orlando was recently fired from Tom Herman’s staff in Austin, the hire was a major upgrade on the Texas Tech defensive staff. Safeties coach Kerry Cooks was let go in order for Orlando to be hired. Orlando will be coaching linebackers and will be also be given the position of assistant head coach. Current defensive coordinator Keith Patterson will be moving over to coach defensive backs this next season.

This move is something this program has not made in past years and I believe it was something that was missing from the past regime and I think the reluctance to make a move and stay with current coaches was one of the reasons that the last regime didn’t work. The fact of the matter is that Orlando is a huge upgrade and will coach up the young linebacker corp that will need to gain experience fast.

Orlando was let go at Texas because of many reasons, one being the current head coach here needed to make changes to keep his own job and Orlando was an unfortunate casualty of that transition. Combined with Keith Patterson, Orlando will hopefully bring this defense to another level. Both guys have a ton of experience and Orlando has made a living off of coaching defense.

Let’s not forget the relationship that Orlando already has with current Red Raider Head Coach Matt Wells. Orlando was Wells’ defensive coordinator and linebackers’ coach during the 2013-2014 season. That season, the Utah State Aggies went 9-5 and won the Poinsettia Bowl.

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This pairing seems like great fit for both sides. Orlando gets to coach with a head coach that he is familiar with and Texas Tech gets a linebackers’ coach that has over 10 years experience as a Division 1 defensive coordinator. Let’s hope this pairing will last a long time and make the program better in the long run!