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TCU drops the skillet and West Virginia claims the toilet bowl

Another week, another chance for me to make you mad.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, we got to actually see the Big 12 face each other. While not all the teams faced a conference foe, we now know who is the worst team in the conference and we got to see how good Oklahoma State really is.

1) Oklahoma

Oklahoma v. UCLA Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

The line at last check was -27 for the Sooners against Tech, and with rumors of Tyner getting the majority of the snaps I am close to betting the house. This game could, and likely will, turn into a massacre.

Oklahoma had a bye week right alongside Tech, and that deadly offense should be humming along just fine. I expect Oklahoma to slow down some against an actual defense with a pulse, but I don’t expect this game to be close as to me it looks like a formality that Oklahoma cruises to an undefeated season.

2) Texas

Oklahoma State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Texas was tested mightily by Oklahoma State and managed to escape with a victory. The running game was improved, and Ehlinger continues to be effective. What impressed me most watching was the defensive play.

Oklahoma State has some of the best playmakers in the conference, and Texas kept them in check largely. Giving up only a respectable 30 points to that offense is something to hang your hat on as a Horns fan. Texas is a clear cut number 2, but I think the gap between them and the Sooners is considerable.

3) Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

You could basically copy paste the above paragraph here. Texas is a potent offense, and the maligned Pokes defense was solid. Offensively it is a bit of a worry to not have challenged a weak secondary more, but Spencer still looks capable of putting up great numbers.

His accuracy is not great, but he is a true duel threat and this was his first real challenge. I expect him to improve in the next round of conference play and I think he shakes up to be a top 5 quarterback in the conference.

4) Kansas State

Another team on bye, I just want to use this section to say that the Cats are an example of what Tech fans were hoping for this year. This team looks to have overcome a lot of issues very quickly to compete right now for a bowl game and perhaps a bit more.

Kleiman is a boss, ‘nuff said.

5) Iowa State

Iowa State’s offense took all their frustration out on poor ULM in what was essentially a war crime of a game. What did Louisiana-Monroe do to the corn people? Really, this was a cathartic game for Iowa State. After a devastating loss to a good Iowa squad, this team needed to click on offense.

This team is not as good as I thought they were, but this is still a dangerous squad.

6) Baylor

Let me start out by saying I laughed when I saw the score of their game this week. Pure, joyful laughter. I am immensely pleased with myself for not buying the hype around Baylor. This team is not great, and if the next few teams weren’t so bad I would have them lower.

Look, there is no excuse for this performance against freaking Rice. Baylor needs to find answers on offense quickly or they will get rudely awakened come conference play.

7) Texas Tech

Thank God we were on bye, I could actually enjoy games stress free. I have spoken a lot about this teams problems in my last rankings and in the post-game show. I won’t waste anyone’s time dissecting it further. This week will likely be ugly, but have faith Red Raider’s there is hope things will get better.

After Tyner flames out predictably, Duffey is athletic enough and talented enough to give the defense a chance to win a few games.

8) TCU

SMU is a good team this year, but this is a game TCU has no excuse losing. The quarterback play is atrocious, and Patterson is throwing his coaches under the bus and ignoring that his defense gave up 41 POINTS TO SMU.

Max is going to be the quarterback of the future, but TCU fans need to hope he can figure it out and look like he did late against SMU all the time. That defense is not good enough to bail out how bad their offense has been.

9) West Virginia

YOUR 2019 TOILET BOWL CHAMPION! Maybe West Virginia will win another game or two, but I doubt it.

10) Kansas

Damnit Kansas, I picked you not to finish last. Oh well, Les Miles has this team competing more but there is an extremely long way to go. Sanctions from the NCAA might nuke this program even further back into the Stone Age. Good luck Jayhawk fans, there is not light at the end of the tunnel.