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Texas makes a move, Kansas makes an anchor in this week’s power rankings

You might be surprised, but these are the facts! According to me.

NCAA Football: Texas El Paso at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 was a pretty quiet week when it comes to these rankings. Texas looked better than I thought, and somehow both West Virginia and Kansas looked worse. I won’t waste anymore time, let’s do this!

1) Oklahoma

Oklahoma played a bad team, and predictably murdered them. Full disclosure: I did not pay to watch this beat-down. Hurts was near-perfect again, and Lincoln Riley is going to make sure that continues next week against an unpredictable but bad UCLA team.

Defensively, the unit is still a liability but they are improving. This game didn’t tell us much about them, but I think even a mediocre defense will make this team extremely tough to beat. We didn’t learn much new about the presumed favorite, but what we have seen so far makes it look like the machine is still rolling in Norman

2) University of Texas

Sam and co. really rallied late to put up some gaudy numbers against a vaunted SEC defense, and fell just short in a game they probably should have won. The two goal-line failures would be their demise, and that dropped touchdown in particular will sting all season long. I have to say though, I was impressed with the offensive unit besides the running backs.

Ehlinger wasn’t as polished early, but he still demonstrates poise and a command of the offense. The issue will continue to be the lack of depth in the backfield with him. Look, Ehlinger is a big kid but he cannot absorb all the hits Texas needs to manufacture the run game right now. Texas needs their backs healthy, and they need Ingram to rebound in a big way.

On the defensive side of the ball, the talent was on display but the youth was abundantly apparent too. In a league with big, strong, veteran receivers these DB’s are going to get picked on. Which means the defensive line and linebackers have to get home on blitzes.

Texas is not a championship contender but I am going to reward their showing on Saturday night. The sky is still the limit if Orlando can figure out how to scheme to protect his defensive backs.

3) Texas Tech

Alan Bowman is now and forever the best quarterback in the conference. Even throwing his first interception, one that wasn’t his fault, he demonstrated talent a cut above the conferences gunslingers. He was good moving around in the pocket and extending the play when the offensive line struggled.

The other good news is he is throwing to an extremely deep receiving corp, with Vasher leading the way. The addition of a TE has added another layer to the passing attack, and this offense is going to roll.

The downside of Saturday’s dominant win was the offensive line’s struggles. Anderson and Steele are both banged up, and it shows. When those two are healthy I think you will see an offense that can really take over games and tap opposing defenses out.

The defense continues to impress, and Broderick Washington is the best interior linemen in the conference. The dud is damn near un-blockable. I still see some shaky play on the back-end, but I think for once we can generate enough pressure on quarterbacks to minimize the big play.

This defense won’t remain as dominant against Khalil Tate, but I would absolutely take the under in this game and a big Tech blowout.

4) Iowa State

The Cyclones faced off against the dreaded bye, and will hold their position this week. CyHawk is a great chance to show the nation if the hype around this team is for real, or an illusion. I believe this is the conference’s most balanced team. Now they can go prove it.

5) Oklahoma State

Tyler Wallace is going to beat up everyone he faces, and the Cowboys will feed him early and often. Spencer Sanders is an early candidate for newcomer of the year, and with Tulsa coming up he should further pad his stats.

Offensively, the ground game is not so developed. Chuba Hubbard fumbled, and the offensive line should have dominated an inferior opponent to a larger degree. Still, I am liking this offense early.

The issue is defensively, where this team is not good. They controlled a bad opponent, but still gave up more yards than you would want to see from an opponent of this caliber. And more than that they were gashed by Oregon State.

Oklahoma State is going to be in some real shootouts this year, Sanders and Co. better be ready.

6) Baylor

Baylor is not my favorite team, so I am still reluctant to buy any hype around them. I don’t believe Charlie Brewer is as good as they want him to be, but he is a reliable ball player. The issue is going to be upfront, can they protect better than last year.

My other problem with Baylor is how awful this schedule is. They play absolutely no one so I honestly don’t know much about this team. I am going off my gut based on performances against bad teams. It would be one thing to play 2 bad teams, but to play 3 is horrendous.

Until they face Iowa State I won’t know enough about this team to move them up the rankings.

7) Kansas State

You could say I am quite impressed with Kansas State, giving them a nod over the Horned Frogs. Defensively they are sound and disciplined and the offense appears to be more explosive than under Snyder.

I don’t want to put too much stock in this early showing, but I respect this level of murderball. Kansas State crushed Bowling Green like I crush a basket of chicken wings. These Cats are mad, and they are looking to play spoiler.

If this team beats Mississippi State next weekend, I will be ready to buy in to Chris Klieman’s squad.

8) TCU

Not the Frogs’ fault, moving down during a bye. They can easily move up with a strong showing against Purdue but right now I am more excited about Kleiman’s Cats than I am the worst quarterback room in the conference.

The End

That is it, those are the rankings. Nobody else is in the conference.

Alright, I will make one sentence for both Kansas and West Virginia because it is my task to do so.

Kansas: Les Miles can’t save this burning dumpster in one year, and Kansas will only win one more game this season.

West Virginia: The team that will lose to Kansas this year and finish 0-9 in conference play.

It hurt me to even think about those teams. Please for my sake, suck less guys you are killing me.