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About last night: Texas Tech soccer opens the 2019 season with a 6-1 bludgeoning of San Diego State

The No. 22 Red Raiders showed off some offensive prowess against the Aztecs

Texas Tech media

Following a fantastic spring semester, Texas Tech athletics rang in the fall with a sublime 6-1 blowout victory courtesy of the soccer team. Even more delightful was the fact that five of those goals came in the first half.

The first half.

Team captain Jayne Lydiatt had clearly been waiting for some time to get back on the pitch, as she knocked in a cross from Kirsten Davis within three minutes of play. “An early lead gets us in such a rhythm,” noted Lydiatt who certainly found her own groove by heading in another goal from fellow captain Gabbie Puente in the 11’.

Up 2-0 with all the momentum, Davis unleashed some form of badassery the likes that we have never seen before: she scored twice within 20 seconds to lift the Red Raiders to 4-0. In her first drill she takes a through ball on the perfect stride and just connected with sheer force of will. Then from the following kickoff the Red Raiders regained possession that (naturally) flowed its way up the field to another brilliant drill from Davis. 4-0! We aren’t even 40 minutes into this recap, people!

Possibly the most warming story from this match against San Diego State was that surrounding veteran Margaret Begley. Begley has battled back from not one, but two ACL tears in her time with the team. Within two minutes of checking in, Begley initiated a set-piece from the corner that connected with Demi Koulizakis for Tech’s fifth goal of the game. The assist from Begley erupted a range of emotions and excitement from the Tech bench. “This feeling is so rewarding,” Begley said. “After my first one, I thought I was going to get back there and it didn’t happen. I’ve waited a long time to get back, and it couldn’t be more rewarding.”

Captain Lydiatt remarked on Bergley that “Margaret has been the best teammate. She’s been so patient. With two ACL tears, there is plenty of potential to be down on yourself. But Margaret has never once brought that with her to the field or locker room. For her to not only play but play so well, it’s amazing for every single one of us to witness.” And with her assist the Red Raiders closed out the half up 5-0 over San Diego State.

In the second half the entire team outside of the backup keepers saw time on the pitch. Freshman Marisa Weichel made the most of her playing time in the second half by notching yet another goal for Texas Tech. In her very first touch as a collegiate player she got a goal. How awesome is that? San Diego State got a goal somewhere in the second half but really what’s it matter when the scarlet and black steamrolls you?

Coach Stone commented that he was pleased how all the summer work came to fruition. “Everything just went our way. We know it’s not always going to be like that but we had it tonight. San Diego State is a lot better than the scoreboard shows...” Texas Tech will relax for a brief moment before taking on New Mexico State in Albuquerque Sunday evening at 8 p.m. CST.