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Confirmed: Texas Tech owns real estate in Gary Patterson’s Head

In a shocking turn of events, TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson uses his platform to talk trash about another program’s fan base, forgets his own program’s troubles.

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I really, really, REALLY tried not to write this one. I didn’t want to write it. With all due respect to our counterpart TCU site Frogs O’War, who I can’t recommend enough for the great content they continuously spit out. My beef is not with them, or even the TCU fan base itself, but it is with TCU head coach Gary Patterson.

When asked what the difference was between playing Tech in Lubbock during the day and at night, TCU Head football coach Gary Patterson couldn’t help himself and took shots at the Texas Tech fan base and Lubbock in his answer.

If I let him take a shot like that, and not answer, what am I even doing here?

Look, it’s not news for anyone, much less opposing fans or coaches, to throw shade at Texas Tech fans. Accusations and false narratives to fit a certain viewpoint have been going around for, what seems like, decades.

Remember that one time a goal post being removed from the field was compared to the siege at the Alamo?

Remember those false statements about the Texas A&M Buses and some sort of manure? Zero evidence given for the incident.

Or the Oklahoma players who were instructed to wear helmets on the sidelines, because Texas Tech fans were throwing… batteries (disguised as Tortillas)?

And, yes, I acknowledge there is visual evidence of 2-5% of our fan base acting childish and throwing EMPTY water bottles on the field.

Like Gary Patterson, one could take the easy route and take shots at other fan bases, or one could just say, “well, it happens everywhere! FAKE NEWS.”

I could bring up that Texas Tech leads this “rivalry” (if you want to call it that) with a record of 32-26-3. Gary Patterson is a combined 4-5 against Texas Tech, which includes a recent win against his “vaunted” 4-2-5 defense with a third string quarterback and a thin offensive line in a stadium filled with Texas Tech fans (welcome to Jones Stadium East!).

I could bring up the fact that Gary has quite a large load of dirty laundry himself, with such examples as:

  • The rash of drug arrests in 2012, where four TCU players were accused of selling a variety of drugs to undercover officers.
  • In 2014 former Big 12 defensive player of the year, Devonte Fields, allegedly assaulted his former girlfriend and threatened her with a gun. He was suspended from the team; however, prior to this incident, he was suspended for the first two games of the 2013 season for the bland “violation of team policy” reason. Devonte Fields cleared up how he feels about his time with Gary Patterson and Texas Christian University, with a tweet regretting even enrolling. Coincidentally, Devonte’s 2013 suspension was scheduled to end right before playing Texas Tech in Lubbock in 2013?
  • In 2015, two TCU football players (Mike Tuana and Andres Petties-Wilson), allegedly, assaulted a couple of TCU students just to steal a case of Keystone Light. KEYSTONE. LIGHT.
  • Heisman candidate and school hero Quarterback during TCU’s run of relevancy in 2014 and 2015, Trevone Boykin, was recently arrested for aggravated assault against a family member. This is just his fifth arrest since 2015.
    Two days before TCU was to play the Oregon Ducks in the Alamo Bowl, Boykin got into a scuffle at Pat O’Brien’s in San Antonio and assaulted a police officer. He was then arrested twice in 11 days in 2017, stemming from an arrest for public intoxication and possession of marijuana after the car he was riding in crashed into a bar in Dallas.
    What might be worse, though, was his arrest in 2018, where Boykin was charged with aggravated assault causing bodily harm to his girlfriend, after breaking his girlfriend’s jaw which had to be wired shut. He then cleaned up the scene prior to police arriving at his home.

It would be such a shame if I brought up that Gary Patterson was named in a recent lawsuit alleging a pattern of abuse, including bullying by Patterson and other coaches by six former players with tenures at TCU that date back to 2002.

Instead, I will say I truly think Gary Patterson is one of the best coaches in the country and find it amazing that he is able to field a great defense in the Big 12 year-in and year-out in a conference primarily known for its offenses. He’s played for more Big 12 Championships in the seven years TCU has been in the Big 12 than Texas Tech has since the Big 12 inception. I actually even love the fact that Patterson was the only one with guts enough to call Baker Mayfield out on his “woe is me” antics the he continues to sell the media on.

Yet, even with all the on-field success his teams have seen in Fort Worth, Gary Patterson cannot leave well-enough alone and continues to prove that Texas Tech owns prime real estate in his head while taking unnecessary and unprovoked shots at the Texas Tech fan base during Big 12 Media Days.

Stop being so obsessed with us, Gary. You’re making yourself look bad.