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KeSean Carter could become the next great inside wideout for the Red Raiders

The speedy sophomore could be the next great inside receiver.

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There will be a ton of catches up for grabs this season after a good group of wide receivers have moved on from Lubbock and have either graduated or are playing in the NFL. With names like Ja’Deion High and Antoine Wesley moving on to play professionally, there is a void left for the team’s only slot receiver. There are plenty of young guys that could step up and fill the void left by High among others. I believe that KeSean Carter is the next great Red Raider inside receiver to step up and take over.

Great names such as Wes Welker, Jakeem Grant, and Keke Coutee have all played for the Red Raiders. All of these guys have NFL experience and I full expect another Red Raider wideout to soon take over as the next great one. Carter fits the mold as someone who can be dynamic coming out of the slot this season. As a two sport athlete and a sprinter on Wes Kitley’s National Championship team, Carter has the blazing speed to outrun anyone on the field.

He played in limited time last season and I really think the Kingsbury staff didn’t use his talents to their fullest. He had some highlights but didn’t really get used in the second half of the season. I’m not saying he was the reason that the team went 0-5 to end Kliff Kingsbury’s time in Lubbock, but when the offense began stalling out after Alan Bowman’s injury, it could have helped to use some of that dynamic power to kick-start the offense.

With the offense Coach Wells is bringing in, Carter should have plenty of opportunity to make more plays in the open field than he was able to on the screen passes he was mostly targeted on last season. I think part of the issue with his low yardage last season was how Kingsbury wasn’t able to get Carter open in space very often as he was mostly targeted on short passes and screens.

If Coach Matt Wells and Offensive Coordinator David Yost can find a way to use Carter’s amazing speed in the offense better than Kingsbury could, you might be looking at a star being born in Lubbock this fall.