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Mock Draft Update: Jarrett Culver could land in the Top 5

There are many who think Jarrett Culver could land in the top 5.

JBL Full-Court Press Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for JBL

We’ve come to the day of the NBA Draft. There is one thing for certain, Jarrett Culver will be selected on draft night due to his intangibles and potential. Culver can play multiple positions and will make whichever team that drafts him very happy. Going into this week, every major basketball source has Culver going in the Lottery so let’s take a look at where each of them has Culver going:

NBA: NBA Draft-Top Prospects Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports No. 7, Chicago Bulls

This would be a great fit for Culver. I know the Bulls are hoping that Culver will fall this far but I honestly don’t think he will. He would have a immediate role on this team that would include being a scorer off the bench and could even be a starter at some point in the season. No. 5, Cleveland Cavaliers

No offense to Cleveland, but I don’t want Culver to end up here. Without Lebron, what are they? The upside to this is that Culver would most likely start and it would be an interesting pairing with second year point guard Colin Sexton. However, with Tristan Thompson and Larry Nance’s contracts, it doesn’t look like the Cavs will be getting much better. This pick is being discussed as trade bait in recent days, including trading it to the Atlanta Hawks, who have three picks in the top 20.

CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated, ESPN: No. 4, New Orleans Pelicans

The main consensus leading up to the draft is that the Pelicans like Culver and may even take him. I think this is a good situation for him but the room at wing will be crowded with the addition of Zion Willamson with the No. 1 Overall Pick and the addition Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart in the Anthony Davis trade. I think that this pick might get traded, but it seems like other guys could get picked at this spot too.

No matter where Culver goes, I think he’ll be a great fit as a defensive minded wing that can score. With the right team, he could even become a star for one of these organizations. Let us know where you think Culver will end up in the comment section below!