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Hitter of the Week: the transfer that made the pigs squeal

He wasn’t the best hitter all weekend but he had the hit of the week and that’s all that matters

Weekend one of the College World Series has come and gone and the Red Raiders have survived another day. It’s the College World Series and we have seen many many amazing plays, but this this week’s hitter of the week has to go to Easton Murrell.

Murrell only had one RBI in 34 at-bats in 2019. In Saturday’s 5-3 loss against Michigan, he went 1-for-2 as a pinch hitter and defensive replacement, but before you cast him out, let’s talk about Arkansas. The sophomore from Prosper, Texas, started his career as an Arkansas Razorback. He transferred to Texas Tech after his freshman season, and he came in clutch right when the team needed him on Monday. With Gabe Holt suffering from a broken thumb and out of the lineup for the second game in a row, Tadlock got a little creative with the lineup and used Murrell’s previous experience to his advantage. Going into the fifth, the Texas Tech Red Raiders were trailing 3-2. When Murrell came forward, he knew exactly what to expect from his former teammates. He knew the team needed the win and he was prepared to lead the Red Raiders to victory, so what does he do? He hits a dinger to right field and ties the game. It was all the motivation the Red Raiders needed. Though the Razorbacks tried to get back on track, Texas Tech prevented that from happening and sent Arkansas home.

The Red Raiders will now face Florida State on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.