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Monday Morning Matador: College World Series, U.S. Open, and the World Cup

Red Raiders on big stages everywhere

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If you missed it, Patrick Mahomes is still making waves in the NFL. This time EA Games played the part of mythologist as they released a highly sensational clip promoting their Superstar Edition.

This is something Texas Tech fans have held breath for a long time with: a Double T wearin’, gun slingin’, true to the Scarlet and Black Red Raider becoming the money maker for an NFL and video game franchise. Let’s recap a few more things happening on the national stage.

Baseball drops CWS opener to Michigan, 5-3

Texas Tech had an exciting super regional experience before laying an egg in the opening game of the College World Series. Michigan, a team Tech swept in the regular season, also made a memorable super regional by knocking off a title favorite UCLA in California and seemed to keep that energy as they came out against Tech in a similar fashion. The Wolverines’ shifts while playing the field coupled with Karl Kauffmann’s superior pitching crippled the Red Raiders early. Despite having one of the nations’ stronger hitting line-ups, Tech was struggling to get anything going. Brian Klein had Tech’s greatest piece of hope as he lifted a 2-run homer in the bottom of the third, but even after Baker’s RBI in the sixth the Red Raiders were unable to overcome the deficit. Tadlock and crew will play Arkansas today at 1pm in the loser’s bracket - hoping to work their way back up.

Clement Sordet made cut for U.S. Open

The 119th U.S. Open Championship saw Red Raider alum Clement Sordet participate in his first championship. Sordet played golf at Tech from the years 2011-2015 and entered the competition tied for 56th overall at 2-over. After four rounds Sordet is sitting tied for 72nd with an 8 over par.

Janine Beckie continues to thrive along side Canada in the Women’s World Cup

After an involved first round, Janine Beckie continued to play instigator in Canada’s attacking third against New Zealand. It was obvious for anybody watching that Canada was the team in greatest control (especially through the first half) and a lot of that came from good movement from Beckie. Teammates Jessie Fleming and Nichelle Prince notched Canada’s 2 goals, but Beckie provided plenty of structure that paved way for her teammates to finish. With that win, Canada remains tied with the Netherlands at the top of Group E. The two leaders will face off Thursday at 11am CST for sole leadership of the group and Canada will need all they can get from players like Beckie if they’re going to pull out 3 points.