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Friday Scatter Shooting: baseball, doggos and Whataburger

Friday Scatter Shooting asks, “What time does UT play?”

Texas Tech Athletics

I guess I never really did, so allow me to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Tyler L. and I have recently joined VTM as a contributor.

Just to start with the basics, I am a Texas Tech grad (class of 2011 aka “Year of The Suck”) along with my wife. We live in Frisco, Texas with our 19-month-old son and dog, Betts. By trade, I am in the banking industry, but my passion is and always has been sports, especially Red Raider Athletics. I’m no expert, do not have “inside information” to any program and I certainly wont pretend to. Most of what I’ll be contributing is my opinions, and those are always up to be challenged.

I like Saturdays in the fall, Whataburger, fishing, Coors Original Beer and, most of all, spending time with my family.

Now, since that is done. On to Scatter-shooting.

  • I think Tadlock has figured out the pitching staff. There seemed to have been some hesitation to go get guys/leave guys in early in the season, but I think he has his finger square on the pulse of that group now.
  • My worry is largely the defense, particularly third base since Captain Texas Tech (Josh Jung) has moved to shortstop. Parker Kelly has proven he can make all the plays, however, the consistency is not there. That’s not to say third base is your only weak spot (catcher has had its issues, as well), I just think it has the most potential to break a game.
  • Last thought on baseball – you’re going to start seeing a bunch of opinions on who you want to play or face in the NCAA Tournament. Ignore them. Every team in the field is scary and it doesn’t matter who you’re matched up with. You better be playing your best baseball when the tourney starts or you can easily get ousted by a fundamentally sound team (a la Sam Houston State in 2017).
  • Actually, one more thought – anyone know when the University of Texas Longhorns Baseball team plays again? I can’t seem to find it……
  • Ahh, the year 2020. That’s right.
  • I’m rooting for Jarrett Culver to go anywhere else but LA. I’d truly like to see what a Culver-Tre Young match up could look like in Atlanta, but I think that has the lowest probability of happening. I think Culver eventually ends up in Cleveland, and with that, we should be thinking good thoughts for him and sending good mojo his way. Could you imagine being in the same area code as Baker Mayfield? Horrible.
  • I was asked the other day how I felt on the situation of Kingsbury’s firing (by an Aggie, no less). While I love Kingsbury and will continue to do so as a Red Raider, he’s faults in the social media-realm and just general presence outside of the facility was a giant weakness. I’m not saying that’s why the team could never get over the hump under his watch, I think there’s multiple issues involved there, but it definitely did him no favors in the recruiting world.
  • Count me in the camp of “If Alan Bowman never gets hurt, Tech wins 8 games and Kingsbury is going into his 7thyear as Head Coach” Crowd.

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Top 5– Fast Food Places

I love “Top 5 lists”, I think it’s a great conversation starter and a quick way to see how different folks are. So, I want to add one of these every week, unless they start getting old.

I hate to admit it, but I eat a lot of fast food. It’s bad, I know. However, it did get me thinking about my Top 5 Fast Food spots. To qualify my thinking, you shouldn’t consider these as a place to take your first date (says the guy who took his wife to Arby’s on their first date…), but are acceptable places to get dinner/lunch on the quick and easy.

1. Whataburger– Do I really need to explain? Bacon and Cheese Whataburger, no onions, add jalapenos. Let’s. Go.

2. Jersey Mike’s – The Buffalo Chicken sub changed my life.

3. Raisin’ Cane’s – Based on that secret sauce alone, it gets the number 3 spot.

4. Chik-Fil-A – I have an 18 month old. We eat a lot of Chik-Fil-A. Enough said.

5. Chipotle – Because I’m basic. Also, FREE pro-tip: Get your burrito at Chipotle but your queso at Q’doba. Next level lyfe.