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Volleyball shines again in second Italian game

Coach Graystone’s team met another great opponent, but fought long and hard

On Wednesday, the Red Raider volleyball team played its second game of the Italian tour, at Centro Pavesi in Milan, exactly like the day before. The new opponent was the Italian National Junior Team, and once again it was a 5-set scrimmage.

The Italian National Junior team is basically composed of the best teenagers in the country, so the challenge was tough. We could see a big difference both in power and size. Nonetheless, all the players who saw the court did their best to face these players. The result was a brilliant game in which both teams fiercely fought on every point.

Now, the team will move to Eastern Italy, where it will have its next game on Friday. After this, the group will leave Italy to enter Slovenia. In this country, it will have two more games just before returning to Texas.

WEDNESDAY MVP: Audrey Tuttle (defensive specialist)

In March, when I presented the latest recruiting class, my opinion on Audrey was:

By the way, the most important thing is something more “intangible”: she plays to win. It seems something stupid but she seems to be a hard fighter who doesn’t want the ball to touch the ground and makes everything she can not let it happen. And in my opinion, this kind of player creates victories.

I couldn’t be nearer to the reality: she really impresses with her attitude, a concentration of energy who always encourages teammates and gives a nice feeling to the team. Maybe she still has to adapt to the power she had to face in these days, but this was a fantastic acquisition by coach Graystone and his staff.