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Could Jarrett Culver pair up with Zion Willamson next season?

Jarrett Culver could be a part of the deal that sends Anthony Davis to Los Angeles!

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All season long we’ve known that Jarrett Culver would probably leave Lubbock at the end of the season and head to the NBA. He is now projected to go anywhere from as early as fourth overall in the NBA Draft. The NBA Draft Lottery was just a couple of short days ago and the Lakers ended up with the fourth pick in the draft. Could Culver go to Los Angeles and team up with Lebron James or could the Lakers use Culver to get Anthony Davis?

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We’ve all surely heard about the trade that wasn’t that ended up derailing the Lakers’ season, ending with Magic Johnson stepping down and Luke Walton getting fired. The Pelicans’ General Manager Dell Demps was fired as well after the whole ordeal. But it seems that the deal may still happen, trading Anthony Davis to the Lakers for a package that might include the fourth overall pick seems likely as I don’t believe the New York Knicks will be able to offer the Pelicans a better deal.

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This might actually be beneficial for Culver. Although the Pelicans are not the best run organization in the NBA, being traded to New Orleans with a couple of younger guys such as Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma along with the number 1 pick Zion Williamson might allow Culver to grow with a group of young guys that would develop a young core for the team to look forward to for years to come.

Imagine a team with Zion Williamson, Jru Holiday, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and Jarrett Culver. That young core has the potential to win championships in the NBA one day. If Culver were to play on a team like this, he would most likely play more of the shooting guard position more than the small forward.

No doubt that it would be exciting to see what Culver could do to with a team such as this, he could develop alongside many other younger players. Do you think Culver could thrive in New Orleans? Let us know in the comment section below!