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A return to the postseason for softball

Who doesn’t love some playoff softball!?

Softball. Is. Back. Man, I am so excited that softball is on to a regional. This is a huge step forward for the program, and another feather in the hat for our fearless leader Kirby.

I have a gripe about our placement though. Despite a fourth place finish in the Big 12 and an extremely impressive non-conference record (30-3), our Red Raiders did not earn a regional. Rubbing salt in the wound is that Kentucky, a team the ladies mercilessly swept, was given regional privileges. No matter!

LSU is a tough draw for a regional host, but our Lady Raiders can play. The team bats .328, and leads the Big 12 in stolen bases. Defensively, the team has a respectable 3.41 ERA with 11 shutouts on the year. With a 38-13 overall record, Texas Tech is matched well with those in their regional: LSU holds a 40-16 record, Monmouth has a 36-16 record, and Louisiana Tech has a 44-14 record.

This is a major step for a program that has been historically not-so-good (bad). Coach Gregory has been a major piece of that turnaround, and she is looking to keep increase exposure for Tech’s softball program with a strong outting in the Baton Rouge regional. Raider nation should give these ladies our full attention and respect as they strive to make program history!