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Volleyball team ready to travel to Italy, and so are we!

Coach Graystone’s team will spend 11 days in the “Bel Paese”, mixing up culture and high-quality opponents. Viva the Matadors’ own Andrea Cornaglia will be on the ground for some of the matches.

TTU Athletics

The month of May has always represented a hard month for students. Between approaching exams and organized chaos deriving from the end of another school year, it’s a wondrous mix of dismay and euphoria. But for the Red Raiders’ volleyball team this May will be a great opportunity of growth, as coach Graystone and his athletes will spend almost two weeks in Italy and Slovenia. In this trip, they will be pitted against tough competition in the expectation of increasing our international experience as well as our exposure.

Coach Graystone showed excitement for this important adventure in saying:

“We’ve been planning this trip basically since the day I got hired at Tech. It’s been a long time coming but now it’s right here and we’re so excited. We’re going to play a couple of high-level teams in Italy then we’re going to go over to Maribor and play some groups over there. It’s part volleyball and part culture, history and team-building and we’re really fired up about it.”

The team will land in Milan on May 20, the same city in which it will play its first two games, on May 21 and 22. According to information in our possession, the Red Raiders will face the Italian National Team “B” on May 21, and the Italian Junior National Team on May 22.

After this, the team will travel to Padova and Galzignano Terme. In this area, located nearly 30 kilometers away from Venice, the Red Raiders will face a local team on May 24. After this, the squad will travel to Slovenia: there, they will play two games at the GRAS Center in Maribor on May 26 and 27. These will be the last two games of the trip, as the players will spend a couple of days in Venice before returning to Lubbock on May 30.

Viva the Matadors will cover the first two games in Milan IN PERSON, so follow our social media pages for updates and exclusive content!