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The Anti-Preview: No. 9 Texas Tech vs No. 5 Michigan State

“Most important thing is to get rid of doubt. If you got doubt in what you’re doing it’s not gonna work.”- Nipsey Hussle

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There’s history being made in Lubbock, Texas! After a storied Elite Eight run last year, Coach Beard and company have set the bar again by knocking off Gonzaga in Anaheim last weekend. You feel it. I feel it. Let’s just get down to business here. Huge shoutout to Tyler Heingartner for making a playlist containing the suggested music from Coach Beard’s Fireside Chats.

Also before we get this kicked off, be sure to take a moment to remember, or get to know, Nipsey Hussle. The King of LA was representing at the Texas Tech - Gonzaga game, supporting our guys as they stamped their ticket to the Final Four.

Solid, Nipsey. Now, Texas Tech is representing the LBK in the great white north of Minnesota so you better get acquainted with the common-talk. While we’re up in the Twin Cities we’re gonna play some shooty-ball against a team that’s also had a pretty good year. Unfortunately for us, this team has a lot more familiarity with the northern traditions like cheese curds and... cheese curds. Curds aren't bad, “they’re just different.” So if Minneapolis is a stranger to you then this Anti-Preview is going to help you with some direction when traversing the land of “youbetcha.” But first we have to introduce our guests: the ephemeral men in green, the mascot without an ascot, our over expectant neighbors to the way-the-hell-north, theeeee.....

Michigan County Athenians

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Michigan State vs Duke Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike their counter-part, the “Flint still doesn’t have clean water”s, the Michigan County Athenians are doing their part to make the Final Four a proper heart attack. With a blustery 32-6 record and a point guard that has been on fire, it’s understandable to be apprehensive about the game. Their coach wants it. Their players want it. Their fans want it - but can we really expect anything less from any team that’s in the Final Four? It’s the freaking Final Four. WE MADE IT TO THE FINAL FOUR! I’m still very excited. That reminds me, did you see Coach Beard won AP Coach of the Year? That was pretty great. Anyways since there’s really nothing to talk about in this section let’s go ahead and get to something that’s actually interesting.


Minneapolis may be known for it’s fried foods pierced by sticks, but it’s also home to a number of great breweries! I’m going to toss up Dangerous Man Brewing for this week’s Anti-Preview because not only do I like the name, but it has one of the best (and strongest) beers I have ever had. If you go, get the Belgian Golden Strong. It’s the ale that took all the other ales out back and beat the shit out of them before coming back in and building you a sturdy oak table. At 10.2% ABV, this isn’t your great great great granddaddy’s ale that sloshed around medieval wherever he was from. Do yourself the favor and stop in to Dangerous Man Brewing, order a flight (it’s not on the menu but they do it) and drink these in order: Cream Ale, Light Roast Stout, Raspberry Kölsch, Chocolate Milk Stout, House IPA, and the Belgian Golden Strong. If you can make it to the end, well, let me know and you’ll get a prize.


This suggestions come from a Cyclone fan *gasp*, but fear not, this man knows what he’s talking about. Adam Batcheller on twitter offered Red Raider fans the ultimate northern delicacy known as the Jucy Lucy. A Jucy Lucy, or Juicy Lucy, is a cheeseburger with cheese inside the meat instead of on top, resulting in a melted core of cheese. It’s been a dream of mine to create this in my own kitchen but I have been so far too afraid. If you’re traveling to Minneapolis then there’s one location that stands out above others: Matt’s bar. Sure you can grab a Jucy Lucy at just about any burger establishment north of the chef’s head, but Matt’s bar has been touted as the premiere choice for the Jucy Lucy. Don’t take my word for it! Go!


NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Coach of the Year Press Conference Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, this is the Final Four. There are a number of fan bases who have experienced this multiple times, and that’s great for them but this is our first. As Coach Beard always says, we gotta enjoy the ride! The team will go out there and play their hearts out, but no matter what happens it has been a stupid good season and next year’s lineup is promising. This year has proven that Coach Beard won’t be leaving the fight anytime soon.


  1. Michigan State started the Vietnam War. Kind of...

Without giving all of you a history lesson you won’t forget (and burn out the word count), read up on this blurb from politico that covers just how Michigan State participated as a front for the CIA: The University That Launched a CIA Front Operation in Vietnam. Thanks for the PTSD memes... I guess?

  1. Back in 1990 there were a lot of crazy things going on. Least of which was Michigan State’s decision to give an honorary law degree to a Zimbabwean with the name Robert Mugabe. Ring any bells? Teacher turned freedom fighter turned dictator? Created a 50 billion dollar note for his country that could afford a loaf of bread? Ah, well, here’s all you need to know: he’s topped World’s Worst Dictators lists before. In 2008 the University revoked the honorary degree, but that probably happened after he killed his opponents.
  2. I mentioned for the Anti-Preview against Michigan that their Wal-Mart fans were pretty obnoxious (like most). Apparently there’s some who feel strongly about that remark on the internet - who knew.

“Spartans talk trash about Wal-Mart Wolverines. These ‘fake fans’ are loud and obnoxious, never having anything positive to say about Michigan State. They run down the school, their students, fans, and way of life. According to Spartans these Wal-Mart Wolverines are not real fans... You know who the Wal-Mart Wolverines act like? Every Michigan State fan I’ve ever met! Come to think of it, I know over one hundred Spartan fans, but only three alumni! Welcome to the party, Sav-A-Lot Sparty”

4. Speaking of fans, a lot of Michigan State fans seem to think the Spartans are about to come out and demolish a strong Texas Tech squad. I’ve scrolled through a number of comments and think we’re just gonna sum it up with the last one I looked at. I mean you beat Duke, we get it... but as the great Coach Leach has said: that was last week.

5. And yes of course, Michigan State, for those who might be unaware, is in Michigan.

bonus suggestions from Andrew Bailey of Maize n Brew

6. Cassius Winston is one of the most enjoyable players to watch and I hate it

7. McQuaid has a face

8. Tom Izzo is an outstanding big game coach and petulant child at the same time - the conflict tears me apart

9. Michigan State is the Fyre Festival of Michigan schools and will forever be little brother.

Now if you need me I will be 100000% absent up until and through the Final Four game. Let’s Ride!