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Matador Mailbag: draft questions galore

Answers to all the questions you never knew you had.

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

WE BACK. Well I’m back, writing this article that is now back weekly. Lots of back, and lots of questions to answer especially about the draft.

Josh Jung is one the most exciting baseball players in the college game, and could (almost certainly will be) the highest drafted Red Raider from the diamond. But Culver is projected to go top five in the upcoming NBA draft, and I just don’t know if Josh is good enough defensively to climb that high on his super-powered bat alone.

Culver has weaknesses scouts can see, but his game translates really well to the NBA and I think scouts love the potential and just pure athleticism. Josh is more polished now in so far as I think he is at his ceiling (a very, very high one). What you see is what you get with Josh, but Culver can polish up his jump shot and really take his game to the next level and I thnk that will earn him a higher pick.

Give me three for sure. Dakota Allen, Antoine Wesley, and Jah’shawn Johnson are all basically sure things. While Dorsey and High are both looking to crack the draft, both are such developmental projects I can’t see anyone giving them a pick. 2 defensive starters going in the draft is a real win for the program, showing guys can come to Tech and go play in the NFL on the defensive side.

Not good, very bad, awful is how I would describe the situation. Alan Bowman might very well be a Heisman contender, he is that good. The problem is we literally just saw what lack of depth can do to an otherwise good team. Jet Duffey is a massive liability with an infuriating amount of potential. Otherwise, Xavier Martin has moved back into the clubhouse showing you how thin that spot really is.

If Alan Bowman is healthy next season start to finish, give me 9-11 wins. If not, give me 6.

Chris Beard is Thanos, but in a world where the series ended after the snap. Tadlock is clearly Captain America, a red-blooded American who is about his business of ass-kicking and team leading. Matt Wells hasn’t earned his place in the Avengers quite yet, get back to me after I see those sweet, sweet wins.

Now that wraps it up here, I know there was a question about the Browns but now that the Browns have Baker I refuse to talk about them. Hope y’all enjoyed this I’ll be back next week. Fire off a comment or tweet with your thoughts or comments even if they are just to imply my writing sucks.