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VTM Bracket Madness final update

We finally have our champion!

This was a crazy finish not only because Virginia won, but also because my predictions on the finish - again - were wrong! Our last update had a neck and neck race between AndrewMaloney30 and huntor96 that seemed nigh impenetrable. Well. Now AndrewMaloney30 has moved to 8th and huntor96 moved to 9th. Let’s get a good look at the final standings and congratulate our victor!

CHAMPION: Stephen3443 with “Stephen3443 6”

Congratulations to Stephen3443, who pulled ahead from outside the top 20 to take the lead by accurately picking the final four and then the championship victor. Since the bracket was titled “Stephen3443 6,” we’re assuming Stephen3443 cast the widest net possible and it payed off. Next year we’ll be limiting submissions to two to three brackets per person. Sorry Stephen3443, you’ll have to be better on the first two attempts!

The final top-20 (including position changes and total points behind)

1. “Stephen3443 6,” Stephen3443 (Previous: NR, 0 points behind)

2. “Bring Back Zhaire,” espn14548597 (Previous: NR, 10 points behind)

3. “Glass Slippers,” TCline (Previous: T-6, 60 points behind)

4. “kschalbs 2,” kschlabs (Previous: NR, 150 points behind)

5. “Chris Beard CotY,” Austin907 (Previous: 5, 210 points behind)

6. “TMerch23 5,” TMerch23 (Previous: T-6, 220 points behind)

7. “jarrettculver4heisman,” RLCAnderson (Previous: NR, 250 points behind)

8. “Wreck Em” AndrewMaloney30 (Previous: 1, 290 points behind)

9. “Give her the onion,” huntor96 (Previous: 2, 300 points behind)

10. “TTRaider99 1,” TTRaider99 (Previous: NR, 310 points behind)

T-11. “Ball Out,” will_thomas (Previous: 3, 320 points behind)

T-11. “gmooreTTU,” espn68358470 (Previous: NR, 320 points behind)

T-11. “The Outlawed 2” The Outlawed (Previous: NR, 320 points behind)

T-11. “wreck’em tech,” Nickevert12 (Previous: NR, 320 points behind)

T-15. “Slam Goblin,” Chaser1390 (Previous: NR, 330 points behind)

T-15. “The Dream,” The Outlawed (Previous: NR, 330 points behind)

T-15. “Stephen3443 7,” Stephen3443 (Previous: NR, 330 points behind)

18. “Wreck em,” bradyparker2 (Previous: NR, 340 points behind)

19. “RyanC1s,” Ryan41056 (Previous: NR, 360 points behind)

20. “redraideryland,” espn08696236 (Previous: NR, 370 points behind)

(Last place) CHAMPION: Shanefinity with “TTRR”

Just because you’re not at the extreme-top doesn’t mean you aren’t a champion! All the credit in the world to Shanefinity for maintaining the faith with teams like Nevada and Tennessee. It takes guts to pick teams like those and Shanefinity is filled to the brim!

Thanks again everybody for joining Viva the Matadors’ Bracket Madness, we’re excited to see all you guys back next year for the 2020 NCAA Tournament!