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Texas Tech athletics reigns supreme in the state of Texas

The Red Raiders have surpassed all of their in-state rivals.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech is just winning these days. Cheer is heading home with another Natty, Baseball is on another mission to win the Big 12, and we were a handful of plays from watching Beard hoist the trophy.

I get it, in Texas football is king and Tech has fallen behind most of the big programs. I would argue you were one healthy lung away from 9 wins, but results on the field are all that matters.

But, since athletic departments should be judged as a whole and can rarely be defined over a one year span we have to broaden our view. Over the last two years Texas Tech has taken the lead in the great game that is college athletics.

Every single program is trending positive, and in two of the three most important spots there is no debate that Tech has been top dog. Even with a national title loss, you did something no one in the state believed you could and it is becoming the norm. Texas Tech competes for titles, anything less is a surprise.

It is time the entire state Bends the knee, and acknowledges the King in the South Plains.