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The Anti-Preview: No. 9 Texas Tech vs No. 4 Gonzaga

“Texas Tech has NEVER played somebody that can shoot the ball”

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WOO WEE, WHAT A THRILL! Texas Tech is BACK - am I doing that right, Texas? I don’t care. You’re not even in this tournament. But Tech is and they are back in the Elite Eight under the absolute wizardry of Coach Mark Adams and Coach Beard. After Vegas drew up the line at 1.5 in favor of Michigan, it seemed almost perfect with the game barely over 8 points a piece seven minutes in. Then the Red Raiders turned on the gas.

Find a real preview about how the Red Raiders dismantled the Wolverines here, because this isn’t a place for boring X’s and O’s.... THIS IS THE KING OF NOT-PREVIEWS. Up next for the Red Raiders they are staying out west and taking on yet another high-profile opponent. Instead of a defensive juggernaut like Michigan, Tech will be looking at a team that has set the bar for offensive efficiency. They’re also from Spokane, Washington - home of the incredibly infamous serial killer Robert Lee Yates! Okay. I have to stop listening to true crime podcasts. Up next for the Red Raiders is a school that has nothing going for it outside of basketball season and everything relying on it when it does: it’sSssssssSSs theee....

“Gonzaga? That’s near Seattle, right?”s

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-West Regional-Gonzaga vs Florida State Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The “Gonzaga? That’s near Seattle right?”s have been on a mission since the start of the season. Their current 33-3 record illustrates their ability to outscore opponents and their KenPom ranking of 1 in the adjusted offensive efficiency column supports that. While the “Gonzaga? That’s near Seattle right?”s are interested in throwing up the ball all night, Texas Tech thrives on taking that away. Bleh. Too much stat talk, but I will say my peace - if I hear another fan/sports pundit say “well, Texas Tech has never faced a team like (who the hell ever),” I’m going to lose my mind. THREE TIMES Y’ALL HAVE SAID THAT AND THREE TIMES WE’VE BLOWN THEM OUT. GET OFF YOUR SMALL BOX.

Okay! Back to our regularly scheduled program.


Since we’re still in Anaheim, California we’ll keep our suggestions West Coast for all our readers that are roughin’ it in the sun of Cali. This week I want to highlight a dive bar that flat out doesn’t get enough respect: The Salty Dawg. Not only is it reminiscent of a fun Floggin Molly song by the same name, but It’s a mere one and a half miles from the Honda Center! Perfect for post-game brews! No special suggestions here, it’s beer so... you know. Beer.


Have you ever been to El Salvador? No, probably not. (If you have, let me know about it in the comments!) Salvadorian food has such a simplistic explosion of culture in every bite, that a place like El Pulgarcito is going to surprise you. Who cares about lackluster interior when the food is made by real Salvadorians and is chalk full of every ounce of their culinary expertise? I made sure it wasn’t too far of a trip from The Salty Dawg so after you load up on liquid-courage you can go spend all of your money here! Seriously. Come with an appetite.


I don’t know if this is real or not, but it’s on the internet and that’s real enough. There’s a Bleacher Report graphic that has Gonzaga’s head coach Mark Few quoted with ... well you can read it.

I HIGHLY doubt that there’s real stake in this quote, but good LORD CAN YOU IMAGINE THE AUDACITY?! Hopefully between now and gametime we’ll get adequate confirmation on the validity of this. For now though? Coach Few, we’ve got a hulk. And his name is Mark Adams.

Given the expedited nature of this Anti-Preview, I’m leaving out the five things to dislike about Gonzaga. If YOU have any admonitions, disgusts, or flat out disrespect you wanna fling at Gonzaga - leave it in the comments! Otherwise we’ll see you back here on the gamethread and on twitter @vivathematadors around 5pm tomorrow for game coverage.