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Four Texas Tech Football players suspended by Coach Wells

We don’t have all the information, but it sends a message regardless.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

There was some news coming out of the Texas Tech Football Program today. It’s not good in some regards but it certainly sets a precedent for the new era of Coach Wells. Junior cornerback Damarcus Fields, redshirt Junior defensive tackle Joseph Wallace, redshirt Freshman wideout Corey Fulcher, and Junior running back Da’Leon Ward have been suspended by Coach Matt Wells.

Although there was no specific reason given by Coach Wells, it was made clear that it was not something that occurred over spring break. It is also worth noting that both Joe Wallace and Da’Leon Ward have been suspended in the past by Kliff Kingsbury’s staff. This is the first known suspension of Damarcus Fields or Corey Fulcher.

This suspension could last a short or long amount of time according to Coach Wells. It all depends on how the athletes respond to this suspension. All programs have suspensions, and it is good that Coach Wells is at least giving these athletes a chance to redeem themselves and get back on the right track.

Wells also announced that the incidents were unrelated and that tells me that this is related to academics or not showing up to team meetings. Academics has been an issue in the past and it might be the end of the road for those who have been in trouble for it previously. This is a huge message for this team and this program.

This new staff is letting the players and the fan base know that the expectations for this team will be higher than ever, and that something such academics or not showing up to team events such as workouts will not be tolerated. This new staff is instilling a new culture into this team. Will it work?