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Shannon Jr. completes recruiting class for the ages and solidifies that Texas Tech is here to stay

Coach Beard does it again.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

What a season for this Texas Tech team. A Big 12 Championship, a Big 12 Player of the Year, a Big 12 Coach of the Year and the list could go on. This season has been one of the best in Texas Tech history. Something happened today that really makes this season the best one yet. The future is brighter in Lubbock than it has ever been. Terrence Shannon Jr. committed to play for the Red Raiders. We have the article about that here and this is something that makes it all real.

The program continues to get guys to commit, even with rumors circulating about Chris Beard leaving at the end of the season. Granted, most of these rumors are coming from a disgruntled “basketball school” in the southern part of Texas but that is still something recruits look for when thinking of a school to commit to. Especially in Shannon Jr’s case, he committed during the height of the basketball season, where people tend to get fired and up and coming coaches tend to leave their programs to go somewhere with better resources and better opportunities.

Something must have told these recruits that Beard was here to stay. It may have been a verbal confirmation from the man himself, but we’ll probably never know. What this commitment does tell me is that a huge recruit such as Shannon Jr. knows Lubbock is where he wants to be and Beard is the coach he wants to help him grow.

This commitment brings in four new(ish) players that will look to compete immediately for playing time next season. Jahmius Ramsey is the highest rated recruit to sign with Texas Tech and just came off of winning a state championship. Kevin McCullar is a highly touted small forward who is currently with the team, red-shirting this season and will be ready to bring ball handling and good defense to this team.

Terrence Shannon Jr. (the guy we’ve been talking about) is really athletic and looks to get some minutes in the backcourt as soon as next season. Khavon Moore played only two minutes this season and is looking to get a medical red-shirt. If he gets a full off-season with this strength and conditioning staff, watch out, he might be starting at forward next season.

There are two others we should mention with this group. Russell Tchewa, a legit 7-footer, will be coming this season as well but will be a project much like Malik Odingo and Josh Mballa have turned out to be. Andrei Sarasov is another 6-9 prospect from Russia. We don’t know much about him but we do know he can shoot it a bit and he is already with the team, red-shirting this season as well.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

This program is trending in the right direction. It now boasts the No. 14 recruiting class in the country and has no signs of stopping. Look out for Beard Ball to continue in Lubbock for some time. The teams I said would poach Beard might come knocking soon, but I believe that he will stay put in Lubbock. The community loves him, he loves Lubbock, his family is in the area, and he isn’t done winning here. This is the beginning of a legendary run in Lubbock, not the end of an era.

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