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Halftime Update: The best half of the season

Texas Tech has come out and dominated the team that has won 14 straight conference championships

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Tech Red Raiders have had the best half of the season and arguably one of the best halves in Red Raider history. After being embarrassed in Lawrence, KS earlier this season, Tech has gone into this game and absolutely dismantled the Kansas Jayhawks. This is the largest halftime deficit Kansas has faced in 18 years.

In a game that’s being nationally televised on ESPN and has NBA scouts watching, Jarrett Culver has 11 points and three assists. The rest of the team has added their contributions all over the court. The Red Raiders have made nine 3-pointers, are outrebounding the Jayhawks 19-12, and have only tuned the ball over three times.

After the tragic death of a family member last week, Norense Odiase has persevered and is having an absolute fantastic game. Diving on the floor, playing great defense and adding nine first half rebounds, Odiase is provided quality senior leadership.

With Iowa State losing today, this win could truly seperate Texas Tech from the rest of the conference and leave them right at the top of the standings beside Kansas State. 20 more minutes to go.