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Football ends in ambiguity and basketball fans aren’t losing sleep yet

Texas Tech ends its 2019 football campaign and continues its march in basketball.

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Some updates! Basketball season continues in a big way tonight against 8-0 DePaul, and the FanPulse will be right alongside the Red Raiders as they look to make another deep run in the NCAA Tournament. Be in it with us! If you aren’t signed up for the SBNation FanPulse, it’s THE poll of polls when it comes to collegiate basketball. Unlike the football FanPulse we won’t be doing a top 25, but continue to gauge fan confidence as well as national questions. SIGN UP FOR THE TEXAS TECH BASKETBALL FAN PULSE HERE. For posterity, and out of respect for those at the main-hub who put this all together, here’s week 14 of the football FanPulse Top 25 as voted on by the fans:

Winners, losers, it doesn’t matter at this point. What is interesting is that this past weekend SBNation asked its voters the question of questions in regards to the playoff picture: who should get the 4th playoff spot? Nationally fans are all in on the Utah Utes making their first CFP appearance over teams with more established repertoires like Oklahoma and Georgia. Sport broadcasters have jabbed at Utah by stating that “nobody wants to see Utah in the college football playoff,” but here be the numbers! The championship week of football will certainly unfold a lot of crazy scenarios, and I for one hope that Utah stays undefeated and forces the committee to introduce new blood.

Texas Tech fan confidence (football):

Well it certainly had its ups and downs. First year under Matt Wells, by the sum of thirteen weeks of data, gave fans the basic conviction of tempering expectation. It’s not the worst outcome, truly, despite having one of the worst years (record wise) for Texas Tech since Kingsbury’s second year (4-8). There are still good recruits choosing Texas Tech over other perennial programs. There are still donors that give to the University regularly. There is still all the possibility in the world for Wells and company to be good coaches in the Big 12. What we got this year was to be expected: the first-year coach transitioning into a whole new style of play in a tougher conference. Chins up, Red Raiders, it’s a good and long offseason.

Texas Tech fan confidence (basketball):

I’m both shocked and not-shocked by the result of last weekend’s confidence card. After losing back-to-back games in the Los Vegas Invitational against Iowa and Creighton, you guys are still high on Coach Beard and this Texas Tech squad. On one hand, I watched those games and knew that it just wasn’t going to be a team with the same chemistry as last year. On the other hand, we’re not even eight games in of a very long season and coach Beard has made me eat my expectations once before. The game against DePaul, most likely not involving Jahmius Ramsey, will probably illustrate Beard’s coaching strengths and (hopefully) the increasing chemistry among teammates.

Also can we please get Big Russ Tchewa a backboard shattering dunk??