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Jett Duffey enters transfer portal

An early favorite to be next year’s starter is eyeing the exit.

Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

This one is going to hurt.

Jett Duffey’s name entered the transfer portal this morning, weakening the quarterback room for next season.

The starter after Bowman’s injury, Duffey was excellent in relief. He averaged 340 yards per game, accounting for 2,716 yards in just eight outings. He finished with 18 touchdowns to five interceptions. Duffey took a lot of hate for the offensive performance, but he was responsible for most of the spark Tech was able to find in a year where the offense as a whole struggled.

While it’s too early to speculate the reasons why Duffey is considering leaving, it seems like he’s unwanted by the current staff. The lack of trust and support both Wells and Yost had for Duffey always seemed pretty unfair. In addition to that, it looks to me like Duffey believes he played well enough to be the starter next season, he did, but the staff was unwilling to commit to him as the starter going forward.

Duffey’s abilities open up a wide variety of possibilities for him where he can be the guy without much doubt. Lincoln Riley has built his offenses around transfer quarterbacks, and Duffey looks like he could fit in that mold, although the Sooners seem to have their QB of the future in Spencer Rattler. Schools like Michigan could use a new offensive spark, or even LSU, which will need to replace Joe Burrow to keep their offensive renaissance going.

Whatever the case, this is a black-eye for the staff. There are still exciting options in the quarterback room, but there can be no doubt the depth just took a major hit.