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Closing the season and fighting for confidence

Fans are losing hope after the loss to Kansas State, can Texas Tech rally against in-state rival and jump start the 2020 season?

Kansas State v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

As the football season comes to a close for Texas Tech, we’re moving into the FanPulse being focused around basketball so BE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR THE FANPULSE BEFORE WE WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. With the only game left on the schedule being Texas, let’s look at the final regular-season rankings in the SBNation FanPulse:

Biggest winners:

• Navy, for coming into the top 25 at no. 22 after being SMU 35-28.

• Baylor, hopping back into the top 10 after putting the smackdown on Texas, 24-10..

Biggest losers:

• SMU, getting yeeted from no. 18 to out of the top 25 after losing 35-28 to Navy.

Texas Tech fan confidence (football):

Immediately I’m surprised at the turn of events despite a steadily climbing line in the weeks prior, but after losing to Kansas State things have taken a turn for the worst. Despite being similar to other games where we fought to win only to come up short, this Kansas State loss apparently just hits different. Matt Wells has plenty left to play for tomorrow against Texas, and truly Texas’ condition gives us plenty of room to win. I guess we’re just going to see how things shake up.

Texas Tech fan confidence (basketball):

We’re amazing. Iowa tonight at 7pm. Wreck them hawks.