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SBNation’s FanPulse tells no lies!

Despite losing at home, voters say they’re optimistic about the future

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TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Join the growing movement among Red Raider fans by signing up for the FanPulse here and being included in the national vote every. weekend. Let’s take a look at college football’s top 25 in week 11 according to the fans:

biggest winners:

Air Force, for coming into the top 25 after beating Colorado State, 38-21.

Utah, shooting up to no. 7 from no. 12 after demolishing UCLA, 49-3.

biggest losers:

• Baylor, dropping out of the top 10 from no. 6 to no. 11 after losing to Oklahoma, 34-31.

• Minnesota, dropping out of the top 10 from no.7 to no. 12 after losing to Iowa, 23-19

Texas Tech fan confidence (football):

This come as quite a surprise to me. Despite the loss to TCU last weekend, our fairly large base of voters overwhelmingly were impressed by Coach Wells’ and company. I imagine the focus of the question “confident in the direction of the program” is indicative of the continual increase. We’re getting closer and closer to a full season of case study for Coach Wells. There are two games left on the schedule, Kansas State at home then Texas in Austin, and two games until bowl eligibility. It’s a critical juncture for this football team to seize control of and rewrite the fate of this season.

Texas Tech fan confidence (basketball):

Texas Tech basketball! 4-0 on the season and wildly talented around the board. Not too much to say here, and I imagine the continued success will be near-guaranteed until we meet up with Kentucky. One day we may see the other half of the confidence bar... maybe.