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The Bears hold the top spot for now

The state of Texas football is not great.

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Like I said in the Big 12 rankings, I could not stomach where Tech had to be ranked so I avoided it at all costs.

1) Baylor

I hate Baylor, and this team is one of the worst unbeaten teams at this stage of the season of all time. Charlie Brewer is the king of mediocre, and they continue to squeak by with questionable officiating, and other teams choking away ch

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ances to win.

Winning is winning, but at some point this will give. I will put it here now, Baylor will absolutely lose at least one game, if not two. And it will be cathartic for the conference.

2) Texas

Texas is basically out of any championship conversations, though maybe not mathematically. Here is the issue with this team: they will live and die with Ehlinger. Their defense is awful and beaten up, so their star quarterback has to ball out every night.

See TCU for what happens when he struggles. Simply put, if teams make Ehlinger look just good, and not great they will beat Texas. Turn him over, and you’re almost certain to win

3) SMU

The Mustangs finally fell, but I love this team. They are taking advantage of the AAC being down this year, and fighting to play for the championship. Buechele has made their offense strong, their defense is the let down. That Gameday moment was huge for their program, being able to draw that kind of attention was a pipe dream for years.

While the Mustangs are not going to make a NY6 bowl, they will be to their best bowl in years.

4) Texas A&M

The Aggies have no good wins, but no bad losses. Their rivalry showing against Arkansas aside, this season has gone exactly to plan. They aren’t seriously competitive in the SEC, so 7-5 basically looks like the upper limit. Mond is overrated, and their defense is not good enough to do enough to win them games.

This is a good team, but you are what your record says you are. A loss to upset minded South Carolina would be a huge stain on a program who is basing their feelings of the year on close losses to great teams.

5) Texas Tech

Tech needs to improve in the secondary badly, but I believe they will beat TCU this weekend at home. Duffey is playing like the fanbase always hoped he would, and Brooks is the best linebacker in the naiton. The secondary is my only question mark right now with this team. The offensive line is playing better, but is not great and the running backs are all kinds of banged up but the secondary is what will sink this team.

They have got to cover someone. And I mean that literally, covering anyone is something they have failed to do for 99% of plays.

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6) TCU

The Horned Frogs choked against Baylor and their offense is awful. That defense is a usual Patterson unit, but they are not as good as years past. All of this adds up to the results we are seeing on the field. They can still finish strong, but I do not see much positive happening for this team. Wreck TCU.

7) Houston

Dana punted on this season redshirting King, so I will punt on my analysis. They just aren’t good this year. Everyone should look forward to next year, but this year all Houston is good for is a few challenges to better teams and maybe an upset.