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Sadly, we have a new top dog in Texas

Nobody could have seen this top 2 coming.

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Another brief pause for my Texas rankings, which was nice because it allowed there to be some movement up in here. A new top do awaits below, and Texas fans will not be into where I stuck them after that near-disaster in Austin.

1) Baylor

I can’t find any fault with the results the Bears are putting up. The defense is flourishing, and the offense is just doing enough to reward their efforts. I said it previously, and I will say it again: if Charlie Brewer does his job and protects the ball Baylor can win a lot of games.

Baylor is the top dog in Texas now, but a date with the Longhorns in Waco will likely decide the battle for supremacy. I believe Texas can win that game, but if I have learned nothing else this season it is betting against Baylor is a bad bet.

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2) SMU

SMU is getting a bump here because how difficult it is to stay unbeaten this long. That, and Texas has so many unanswered questions after Kansas nearly stunned them. A trap game is looming against Houston Thursday night with tens of people watching. If they can escape with a win, I will be even higher on this squad.

I didn’t believe in Dykes getting this program back on their feet, but he has really gotten the ball rolling. As long as SMU can keep him from getting poached, the future is very bright. But focusing on this year, a chance to be the best in the Group of Five is right in front of them for the taking.

3) Texas

That defense used to be a question mark, now I think we know the answer. They are talented, young, and beaten up. And sadly, that means they are really struggling. Todd Orlando used to be a favorite in Austin, but now he is a black sheep.

The offense is good, but unless the defense can be adjusted fast the lofty goals of the burnt orange boys are not achievable. A loss to Oklahoma already has dashed their hopes of being good enough to win the conference, but a loss to Baylor or Iowa State will eliminate them outright for the conference title game race.

4/5) Texas Tech/Texas A&M

I can’t decide between these two right now. Neither team has won a big game (I don’t know how that OSU win is going to end up for Tech) and neither team has shown enough to make me feel confident in their abilities.

Some will argue with me to take in account the Aggies talent and strength of schedule. But to those people, sorry but I can’t reward losing every one of those games. If you got points for losing to teams you were supposed to, I would move the Aggies up. But at some point you do, you know, have to actually win a football game against a good team to be considered a good team.

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6) TCU

Bad offense? Check. Bad losses? Check. TCU is staying in sixth this week after another bad offensive day against a reeling Kansas State squad. Patterson either needs to coach his defense to a whole other level, or they will not bowl eligible. With no offensive support, that is the only way TCU can escape the back of this list.

7) Houston

Barely beating a terrible Connecticut team was another black-eye on this season. Dana is out of good mojo from Houston faithful, but with King back next year he can try and lead a renaissance. SMU is rolling into town, but sadly Houston has never mustered up much of a home-field experience. The Cougars are just trying to flail their way through this season and sneak into a bowl game.