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Alan Bowman could be Big 12’s best quarterback in 2019

After a putting on a show as a freshman, we can see Bowman become one of the best in the Big 12.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Texas Tech Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After starting off strong last season, Texas Tech QB Alan Bowman sure established a name for himself that was spread around the nation. Unfortunately, injury hit Bowman and ended his freshman season too soon.

However, Red Raider fans did get to see some amazing things from the freshman. But now with Bowman being a sophomore and having gained experience, could he be known as one of the top quarterbacks in the Big 12 this season?

The simple answer:

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Texas Tech Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Before I explain why, I’m going to go ahead and say Bowman really can be that guy at the top of the conference. I mean, he has already displayed that he has the ability to play at such a high level.

Fresh out of high school, Bowman led the Red Raiders to victories over Lamar, Houston, Oklahoma State and Kansas just before being injured a second time against Oklahoma.

Most would even say that if Bowman wasn't injured, Texas Tech could have beaten the then ranked Sooners and the following game against the Longhorns. But, that can’t be a definite statement.

However, he would be the quarterback to take this team up against any Big 12 powerhouse and fight right along beside them the entire game. Fingers crossed he stays healthy.

He had a strong freshman season:

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Texas Tech Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

In the short span of eight games, Bowman put up some steady numbers for such a young quarterback holding the reigns for the team.

Just after his second game in the 63-49 win over Houston, he was awarded several national and Big 12 conference accolades including National quarterback of the week, Manning star of the week, Earl Campbell Tyler Rose player of the week and several Big 12 newcomer awards. It would take me quite a while to list all that Bowman was awarded, but it just goes to show how solid of a quarterback he truly is.

In his eight games played, he set a pass completion rate of 69.4% and threw for 2,638 yards. He also completed 17 touchdowns and averaged 329.8 yards per game.

Again, this was just eight games, which begs the question. What numbers would he have put up if he didn't become injured?

His competition:

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

As great of an athlete as he is, Bowman can’t get too comfortable. There are plenty of strong quarterbacks in the Big 12 Conference. Some that are returning, and some who are just getting their collegiate careers started.

The Longhorns have found their quarterback in junior Sam Ehlinger, who both can cause problems for their opponents on the field. The showdown between Bowman and the Longhorns will be one to watch out for.

There’s also strong talent returning with Baylor’s junior quarterback Charlie Brewer and K-State’s quarterback Skylar Thompson.

Much like Bowman, Brock Purdy took over at QB for Iowa State as a freshman and absolutely lit up the conference. He’s got a chance to be the best quarterback in the conference in 2019, as well.

There are several other extremely talented leaders for the Big 12 football programs that I haven't mentioned. But one quarterback that can be Bowman’s biggest competitor is Oklahoma’s senior Kyler Murray. Fortunate for all Big 12 quarterbacks, it looks like Murray will extend his career on the diamond in the major leagues.

We really cant sleep on any Big 12 quarterback because all have such unique talents. Some are more mobile than others, and some can toss the hog downfield without effort.

One can only hope we get to see Bowman face all of the Big 12 quarterbacks this season to establish him as one of the best in the business.

After everything being said, we’ve seen what Bowman can do when he isn't injured. We’ve seen his talent, his natural composure under pressure, and his ability to get the ball in the end zone.

There’s just one thing left to do Red Raider nation; cheer Alan Bowman on and see him blossom into one of great Big 12 quarterbacks this season.