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TCU transfer Kaden Archie could be Chris Beard’s next Texas Tech addition

With new options popping up for the TCU transfer, it’s time for Texas Tech to go after the former four-star prospect.

Kaden Archie

If there is one thing to know about head coach Chris Beard, it’s his ability to acquire athletes from around the country and the Big 12 Conference. So, when it was announced on Saturday, Jan. 5, that freshman TCU forward Kaden Archie was looking to transfer, the first thought that came to mind was his possibility of becoming a Red Raider.

What to know about Kaden Archie:

NCAA Basketball: Fresno State at Texas Christian Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The 6’6, 205 Ibs forward made his collegiate debut this 2018-2019 season with the Horned Frogs, but saw limited playing time on the court. Although being a four-star recruit and the No. 84 player in the nation, he wasn't the Horned Frog’s No. 1 option on offense.

However, Archie shined in the defensive department with almost one steal in every game played.

In his 10 games played, Archie racked up 10 total steals and played 101 total minutes. The young forward also has the athleticism to take him to the next level at the collegiate stage.

He would join an elite core of young athletes:

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

If Archie was to set his sights on Texas Tech, he wouldn't be alone among top athletes to be a part of the program next season.

The Red Raiders already have strong talent in their younger athletes. Among those being freshman guard Kyler Edwards, freshman forwards Khavon Moore and Josh Mballa, sophomore forward Malik Ondingo, and sophomore guard David Moretti. All of which have performed phenomenally on the court this season and will more than likely improve going forward.

This is just the start of the growing talent at Texas Tech, and Archie would be a solid addition to the list of names above.

Also, with upperclassmen leaving after this season, Archie would see significant improvement in playing time, which sources say are the reason he wants to explore other options.

He can only improve from here:

Mark J. Terrill - Associated Press

As you can clearly see above, the kid can get some air. His athleticism is not to be questioned and neither are his defensive abilities. He can steal the ball, lead the fast break and go up for the slam dunk. His height also allows Archie to grab the boards and go back up for second chance points.

He’s no slump on the court and it’s a shame TCU didn't absorb more of his talent. With the Horned Frogs program dwindling from what it used to be and the ever growing success of the Texas Tech basketball program, it would make sense for Archie to consider becoming a Red Raider.

I mean, come one. Who doesn't want to have the possibility of being coached under one of the best collegiate head coaches in the game and the possibility of being a Big 12 champion?