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Gibbs is headed to Houston

The Defensive Coordinator job was open for grabs at UH, and Gibbs got it.

Iowa State v Texas Tech
David Gibbs at the Iowa State vs Texas Tech game
Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

The coaching carousel has been a wild ride this year. Kliff is out, which he’s now a big time NFL coach and a whole University of Houston coaching search leading to this question: how did David Gibbs get the defensive Coordinator job at University of Houston? Let's break down the Gibbs’ resume.

First and foremost, this was his job before he was the DC at Texas Tech. He also held the interim head coach position at University of Houston for a short time in 2014 at the Armed Forced Bowl (which they won). This makes sense to me. Houston is his best success thus far. Ranking 11th nationally in scoring defense and ranked 19th in the country in total defense is a good look for him interviewing for his old position. Maybe his calling is the University of Houston’s defensive coordinator.

Louisiana Tech v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

How does his overall resume look though? Gibbs was over defensive backs over in Kansas and then in the NFL with the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans. That sounds pretty neat. While with the Broncos in 2001 through 2004, during the 2003 season, they were ranked the forth strongest defense in the NFL. After the 2004 season he went back to college football at Auburn’s defensive coordinator where his defense ranked sixth in scoring defense and led the SEC in sacks. Those were his highlights, apart from being one of Texas Tech’s best defensive coordinators since 2009.

Dana Holgerson reportedly won't say many names just yet. He seemed hopeful about a lot of the positions, but casually reminded the interviewer that there were many other positions he had to fill as well. I’m surprised this rumor mill is more quiet. Holgerson did mention he had “three pledges” from coaches on the offensive side of the ball but still didn’t spill names. Smart guy. He’s also bringing in Brandon Jones from Texas Tech; peaking my interest.

I’m weirdly interested in who else will be hired after the annual American Football Coaches Association convention took place this weekend. I’ve already seen a few interesting hires, let the 2019 offseason COMMENCE! Let me know more of your thoughts on David Gibbs’ season with the Red Raiders and how you feel about him heading back to UH! Or whatever else comes to mind with the coaching carousel in full swing.