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Instant Reaction: Texas Tech vs. Lamar

I think we all wish this was our first game, and that Ole Miss never actually happened...

NCAA Football: Lamar at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Thankfully, we absolutely destroyed Lamar which is about what we all expected. I’ll admit, I entered this game thinking no matter the result, I’d take absolutely nothing from it....then we won 77-0 and I got a bit more optimistic. Despite a fairly sluggish run-game in the first half, I was impressed with the freshman mostly. Also, I didn’t expect to hear that Tre King, and Da’Leon Ward would be out - so, it’s especially impressive when you consider that we were essentially working with our 3rd-5th string backs. There were a few other notes/highlights I’ll point out:

Alan Bowman - We’re two games into the “Bowman Experience” and it’s becoming apparent why he won the job. He hasn’t really made mistakes, he’s got a solid arm, but he rarely goes for the big play. Given that we’re only two years removed from the Pat Mahomes-Era, it’s odd to watch a quarterback not go for an 80-yard bomb on every play. Nevertheless, I think he can win some games for us this fall and I’m excited to see what happens against Houston next week.

Jett Duffey - I obviously have to talk about Duffey...who’s more/less everything Bowman isn’t. Duffey showcased his wheels a few times, a great arm, but also a certain amount of stupidity with his care of the ball. I watched the highlight on that interception several times, and he had no business going for that pass. Regardless, Duffey will be the most popular guy in Lubbock if Bowman falters at all. (or, Carter)

Freshman Running Backs - Tah’Shawn Henry and SaRodrick Thomson both had admirable performances, and I think Henry might be special enough to take the Running Back position to the next level. Both players showed flashes, and they’ll likely be huge beneficiaries of the redshirt rule.

KeSean Carter - This kid is going to be special, mark my words - he’s got the “it” factor and oozes talent. I can’t love this guy enough.

Riko Jeffers - He was all over the field and I loved his performance. I’m starting to wonder if he can replace Jordyn Brooks? Regardless, the future is bright for Dakota Allen’s replacement...

Tony Jones - There’s no doubt about it, Jones is your best playmaker on defense and he’s simply got another gear rushing the passer. It’s realistic he’s a double digit sack guy this year, and might carve out a nice NFL career.

Adrian Frye - I’ve got to at least call out the player who had two interceptions and a house call. I think Frye was outstanding, and you hope he can build of this game moving forward.

Antoine Wesley - He’s a whole lot faster than I anticipated, and frankly that’s great news. That catch and run was actually very impressive.

T.J. Vasher - Give him the ball more...period.

Return Game - I think it’s refreshing to see Bowman return punts with a little bit of electricity. For all of his great skills, Cam Batson never really could be electric as a punt return and I’ll always wonder what could’ve been there. I do think this has been a bright spot two games in.

There’s likely a few guys I could highlight as well, and I think guys like Dakota Allen flashed, Joe Wallace had some plays, and I was a fan of Ja’Deion High’s consistency. Regardless, we had a our first shutout in over a decade and this team showed a shred of resiliency dominating Lamar like they did. It’s time to look towards Houston and we’re all likely a bit more nervous than we want to be after Houston dominated Arizona. It feels a whole lot better to win again, so I’ll take it. Wreck ‘Em!