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Red Raider Ravioli: zero!

Not allowing a single point (and scoring 77) is something awesome!


welcome to a new edition of RRR, and that’s a sweet one, as it follows a brilliant victory for the Red Raiders against Lamar. For those who are interested in numbers, the last Texas Tech shutout of an opponent was a 62-0 against SE Louisiana, and we were back in 2006.

NCAA Football: Lamar at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

There are many things that I loved about this game, so I’ll give a couple of notes, with the hope someone will find them interesting and will create some interesting discussions.

  • These uniforms were horrible. It seemed like a person who takes out the dog in the morning and wears the first things he/she finds on a chair.
  • Quarterbacks: it was really interesting seeing how Alan Bowman improved after Week 1. He was very accurate and showed a good arm strength, but the best thing, in my opinion, was his endless will to finish his plays: many times he was nearly on the sideline, or heavily chased by defenders, but always tried (and often succeeded) to find his receivers. That’s a beautiful attitude.

I’m sorry for the interception thrown by Jett Duffey, as it stains a good performance. With just six carries he became the best rusher on the team, and he showed his athleticism is outstanding. With McLane Carter or without him, Jett will be very useful during the season.

  • It could be a long night for the backfield, with both Da’Leon Ward and Tre King not playing due to injuries, but we discovered two names we’ll hear many times in the future: Ta’Zhawn Henry and SaRodorick Thompson. These are two true freshmen who led the unit alongside good old senior Demarcus Felton, and they showed to be two reliable players. Way to go!
  • Another true freshman is wide receiver KeSean Carter, a fearless player who showed he can be a dangerous deep threat. And please, measure him again, he cannot be only 5-feet-11.
  • This nice victory will mean something very close to nothing if next week there won’t be another victory against Houston. Pietro Nenni, an Italian politician, used the words “strong with the weak, and weak with the strong”, and that’s something we don’t want from the Red Raiders.

I really hope to hear your comments!

Alla prossima!