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Defensive player of the week: No one

Broderick Washington and Eli Howard were decent, but no one earned the honor.

Mississippi v Texas Tech Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

This was a tough decision, one I really gave some thought about. The defense had some bright spots during the game. John Bonney forced a fumble and Broderick Washington had a great sack. But the overall performance was so bad, and no one really was a true impact player.

Every defensive player made as many mistakes as big plays, and watching it live I did not see anyone who took over the defense. For me, a defensive player of the week should change the game defensively.

But Ole Miss essentially scored at will. Even when plays were made, they were few and far between.

I believe in this team, I am not quitting on our season. I know next week someone will go out and be a star on defense. I hope to see improvement in the 806D.

Do you think someone earned the honor? Let me know in the comments!