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Last Chance U’s Carlos Thompson on life and opportunities after Texas Tech

The former Texas Tech wide receiver and Netflix star give us insight on his past few years.

Emily de Santos/The Daily Toreador

Netflix’s Last Chance U has become a phenomena among football fans. After two seasons following East Mississippi Community College, which shown many memorable characters such as head coach Buddy Stephens, current NFL player John Franklin III and current Texas Tech star linebacker Dakota Allen. This past season, Last Chance U made a change by featuring Independence Community College thus giving the viewing public a brand new group of players to fall in love with.

Former Texas Tech wide receiver Carlos Thompson quickly became a fan favorite. Thompson’s personality, intensity and humor made him a polarizing figure on the Netflix show and fans made sure to show their support on Twitter.

Thompson’s journey was a unique one as he went to Blinn College after transferring from Tech, then transferred to Garden City Community College, spent some time in California with his Last Chance U coach John Brown before following him to Independence Community College. Before getting ready for an important 2018 season with Missouri Western, Thompson was able to chat with me about his experience and time since Texas Tech.

So Carlos, you came to Tech in 2013, how did you enjoy your time in Lubbock?

I loved it honestly, it was a great place. I loved how everybody in the town was supportive of the school and athletics.

What made you want to leave and go to Garden City in 2015?

Just a decision I felt was necessary for my career.

How is playing in Kansas at Garden City and Independence different from playing In Texas at Blinn and Tech?

It’s very different, the play styles are opposites with Tech and Blinn being more spread and throwing based while (the) Kansas leagues are mainly run oriented and power based.

How do you believe the Juco route helped you become the player you are today?

It taught me to have tough skin because Juco really can be a trial especially leaving a Division 1 university where you have everything to Juco where you don’t have all the luxuries.

What about the Last Chance U cameras being around? How was it having them on you 24/7 and knowing you were going to be on Netflix?

It was kind of crazy at first. I wasn’t used to cameras and stuff, but I got used to them. And the Netflix thing didn’t really set in until the show came out and I got to see the show.

Was the show accurate to how things were?

Yea they definitely did a good job of depicting Independence and our everyday life there.

Are you excited for Missouri Western?

Yes, I am happy to be back at a university and having a chance to play ball.

Last but not least, you came on campus the same year as Baker Mayfield and Davis Webb and also played with Jakeem Grant, Deandre Washington, Branden Jackson, etc. Do you still keep up with any of the Tech guys and how does it feel to see your former teammates in the NFL?

I actually don’t communicate with them much but I am very happy to see my former teammates prospering in the NFL and I hope to make it there too.

We’re all rooting for you Carlos, thanks for taking my questions. Once a Red Raider, always a Red Raider, keep striving.