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Nate Night Thoughts: Losing to Ole Miss may have been a good thing

 After an 0-1 start the Red Raiders look like a new team

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

The start of this season came with a mix of emotions and opinions. Many fans were upset that Kliff was not let go after last season, and others felt that this year would be a turning point for the Red Raiders. Either way, it was safe to say that the fan base was starting to divide.

After a disappointing effort and questions at quarterback against Ole Miss it looked like the Texas Tech Red Raiders were in for another long season. I’m happy to say that Kliff and company have gained some momentum and proved the doubters wrong over the last 3 games.

Ole Miss was wake up call for this team. It seemed like players were buying into the fact that they were better by buying into the mantra that “Things Have Changed”, but they didn’t prove it. Taking an opening loss to Ole Miss helped this team realize that the hard work does not stop once the season starts.

After a big win against the Houston Cougars, Texas Tech showed that they are not a team to take lightly by dominating the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Offense was great as usual, but David Gibbs and his 806D gave us a glimpse of what the coaching staff already knew. That defense was incredible in Stillwater. To shutout a team in the second half that can score as quickly and as often as Tech says a lot. The improvements for this defense have been slow, but Saturday gave every Red Raider fan hope. The 806D held Oklahoma State to 0 yards passing in the 4th quarter. That stat itself was not imaginable by anyone going into this game.

Nobody likes to lose, but if it weren’t for Ole Miss smacking Tech in Houston, this team might not have performed at such a high level these past three weeks. The entire team gained an edge to them after that loss and it has shown. Let’s hope the Red Raiders can keep it going in a top 25 showdown this Saturday against the Mountaineers!