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Defensive grades: the defense handles XeroxU

The Red Raiders stand tall in Stillwater

Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

That was the most fun I have had watching a Texas Tech football game. The team played hard, and the defense dominated the entire second half. If we see that effort every week, the sky is the limit for this team.

Secondary: A-

Forcing a turnover? Check. 23 passing yards in the second half? Check. Recording a sack? Check.

The secondary struggled some in the first half, but made adjustments and really came to play. Johnson’s return really seemed to fire up this group, and it was exciting to see how well they played against a highly touted Oklahoma State offense.

We need more of that second half fire, and if we get it we will win games.

Linebackers: A

Dakota Allen made more plays, and Jordyn Brooks showed out. Those two really controlled the game filling gaps and making big hits. Once again they moved side-to-side extremely well, and they really did not make many mistakes. That run down by Brooks on fourth and short was absolutely beautiful.

This should be the standard for our linebackers, play hard and play smart. Nothing overly flashy, but they reliably are in the right spot to make the play.

Defensive Line: A-

That Eli Howard sack was huge, and really kept the momentum firmly on our side. These guys got after Corndog, and kept Hill in check. The big boys still need to finish sacks better. That TD ball into the corner was a perfect example of not finishing a sack.

If you get a hand on the QB you need to get him down. Attack the throwing arm and hold on. That almost sack is the only reason for the minus, otherwise the fat men played their tails off and it was a great show.

Coaching: A+

Turnovers, and an absolute dominant second half. Gibbs called the game of his life, and his adjustments completely defeated Oklahoma State’s Offensive coordinator. When you destroy a top 15 team, there cannot really be any complaints.

The guys looked ready against the tempo, and looked like they had the opposition well scouted. If Gibbs gets the guys to buy in like this every week it is not a joke to say the conference title could be ours.

A long season awaits, but West Virginia will show if this team is a conference contender for the first time under the Kliff regime.