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Offensive grades: Oklahoma State couldn’t stop the No. 1 offense in the nation

Texas Tech tallied over 600 yards en route to a 41-17 victory.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Raiders traveled to Stillwater, Oklahoma looking for revenge on the Cowboys, who beat Texas Tech nine times in a row. The Red Raiders dominated the game from start to finish, killing Oklahoma State’s win streak AND gaining their first victory at Boone Pickens Stadium since 2001. Texas Tech’s offense never slowed down and attacked the Cowboys’ defense, remaining atop the nation’s leaderboard in total offense and passing offense. With that being said, here’s how we graded the offense this week:

Quarterback: A

Freshman Alan “The Showman” Bowman was hot against the Cowboys. He went 35 of 46, collecting 397 passing yards and two touchdowns. After not having an interception in the last couple of games, Bowman had two in this game. However, he still is the leader of this offense, and I was impressed with how he handled adversity. He never let the interceptions affect his gameplay, and that’s the sign of a great quarterback and leader.

Running backs: A+

The backs totaled over 200 rushing yards as senior Demarcus Felton led the charge with 121 yards and two touchdowns. The two freshmen SaRodorick Thompson and Ta’Zhawn Henry followed behind with 131 total rushing yards and a touchdown. Texas Tech has established an elusive run game in addition to its Air Raid offense, which is a pretty deadly combination.

Wide receivers: A

Nine Texas Tech players made a catch against the Cowboys. Antoine Wesley led the receivers with 98 yards on seven catches. Ja’Deion High followed with 79 yards on eight catches. T.J. Vasher and KeSean Carter both had a touchdown on the day. These guys made some incredible catches and slipped away from defenders, giving them a deserving A.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive line: A

You can tell how experienced this offensive line is. They did give up a couple of sacks against the nation’s leading team in sacks, but they allowed Texas Tech’s run game to take control. They are the unsung heroes of the matchup with Oklahoma State and deserve a lot of the credit for the big plays the offense made on Saturday.