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Defensive player of the week: Dakota Allen

Allen finally put his mark on a game this season.

Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Dakota Allen really had struggled this season to make an impact. Against Ole Miss he was neutralized almost entirely. And against Lamar, though the defense overwhelmed the Cardinals, Allen really was not special.

But with Kliff coaching for his life against Houston, Allen stepped up. He led the team in tackles, and snagged a tackle for loss. He flew all over the field stringing out run plays and filling gaps. He even played great in coverage, earning two pass defenses.

My favorite thing for a linebacker is their ability to move east and west. The Big 12 loves running sideline-to-sideline, so to see Dakota Allen tracking down runners and ripping them down was huge. Not to mention getting in King’s face and earning a QB hurry.

We need our star to shine, and against the Cougars in an ugly defensive game he made the big plays we needed.