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Anti-Preview: Texas Tech vs #14 Oklahoma State

The ultimate showdown between beard and mullet!

It is Wednesday, my dudes! Time for another Anti-Preview! Last week we were given an amazing win over Houston behind the record-breaking arm of Alan Bowman. Not to take anything away from Antoine Wesley, Ta’Zhawn Henry or TJ Vasher—all proving an offensive force! Looking forward, Texas Tech begins their Big 12 gauntlet with a visit to the lesser of the Oklahoman universities, the pinnacle of imitation, the one, the only, the......


NCAA Football: Boise State at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The okie-pokies are standing pretty tall after beating Boise State last week, and they’re boasting a number 15 in front of their name. They’ve got an efficient quarterback in Taylor Cornelius, and an equally efficient wide receiver in Tylan Wallace. Their defense is also primed for this weekend’s game after seizing seven sacks against the Broncos. But wHo CaReS aBoUt AlL tHaT - let’s get into the rest!


How about something simple yet proficient?! Something ridiculously named?! This is the cowboy in a cup. (insert some kind of quip about Oklahoma state and being in a cup) Righteous, let’s talk about what’s in it. You’re going to need:

2 ounces of Rye Whiskey

1 ounce of Dr. Pepper (those twenty three flavors!)

3 adult dashes of Angostura bitters

Simply add everything into a glass, stir and top with ice. It’s basically a Cuba Libre sans coke and plus bitters, but Oklahomans will probably call it a cowboy in a cup.


We know how much you’re going to miss the early 11 am kickoff, so to find comfort we’re pointing you toward comfort food! Chicken fried steak is a staple of the South - and for good reason. A salty batter coating a tender piece of steak that is smothered in a white gravy? You’ll come around to these 6pm games in no time. If you’re going to be in Stillwater, we’ll direct you to the Boomerang Diner and if you’re in Lubbock then it has to be the Cast Iron Grill.


Houston v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

After a 2-1 start in the non-con schedule, Texas Tech starts its Big 12 schedule and starts it strong. Proficient showings at the quarterback, wide receiver, and running back positions put us in a very familiar spot of offensive prowess. There’s still questions to be had and this game (like the Houston one) will help clarify where the team needs work. Oklahoma State will prove a significant challenge but Bearded Kingsbury has the toolkit to make this an interesting match up.


1. Oklahoma State fans tout that they have won 52 national championships. But digging into the nitty-gritty, we can unveil that 34 of these came from wrestling, 11 from golf and four from cross country (49). The two basketball championships happened in 1945 & 1946 and the baseball championship came in 1956. I guess, for some, the 1950s weren’t THAT long ago.

2. They try to talk trash about Lubbock. What? Stillwater is infinitely smaller and more removed than Lubbock is—I guess the tap water messes with their mind.

3. While Oklahoma State certainly didn’t straight copy all of Tech’s traditions, there are a number that stand out as probabilities. See here for a slideshow of such!

4. Pistol Pete is uh... a bit scary to be honest.

5. We haven’t beat Oklahoma State since 2008, and they are definitely keen on reminding us of that reality. The humorous part of all of it is, despite almost being on a 10 year run, the series is actually tied 21-21. Whoever wins this weekend officially takes the lead.


Houston v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

There’s no greater feeling in the Fall than football Saturdays! With the Big 12 starting this weekend, the race begins. There’s really no telling what is going to happen in the conference this year but we can rest easy knowing there’s another week of football win or lose. Get ready for week three of Bearded Kingsbury!