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Instant Reaction: Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss

We’re the complete opposite of what we thought we were...

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Texas Tech Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I waltzed into this week under the assumption that we’d be able to play defense and run the ball. I’m going to continue into this weekend knowing we assuredly aren’t a great defense, and our offense is in major trouble. I’ll be honest, if I could’ve restarted this game after Ole Miss returned that kickoff for a touchdown - I would’ve. But, this is the real world and that’s not possible. I’ll dive into some individual player results below, but frankly there’s not a lot to cheer about in this one.

McLane Carter - I’ll give him an incomplete, and I sorta understand now why he won the starter position. Clearly, Bowman isn’t ready for the starter gig - but, sigh.....oh well.

Alan Bowman - The touchdown pass to Ja’Deion High was good, but overwhelmingly he looked like a freshman. Regularly, he missed wide open receivers, the intermediate throws were iffy, and the alleged arm strength never really showed out. Clearly, he’s gotta be better than Duffey, but is that for sure the truth? Regardless, it might be a long season starting Bowman.

Dakota Allen - He wasn’t active enough, and frankly we needed him to be an animal. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

Broderick Washington/Joe Wallace - These guys didn’t look like replacements for Mych Thomas, that’s bad.

Ja’Deion High - I was fairly impressed with his ability to get open and execute. My biggest issue here is that we need playmakers, and I worry High doesn’t have that gamebreaker ability.

T.J. Vasher - Unbelievable catches all over the place, but frankly our quarterbacks couldn’t get him the ball enough times. It’ll be extremely depressing if Vasher doesn’t do 1,000 yards this year and it’ll land on the shoulders of our quarterbacks.

Desmon Smith - What in the world were you thinking? That play was worth 3-10 points? Absolutely, TERRIBLE. But, if you’re reading this - you already knew that.

Da’Leon Ward - Overall, I thought Ward had a great game and showed plenty of wiggle. I do think Tre King might be the better in pass coverage, but Ward is clearly the superior runner.

At this point, I could single out individual players, and guys like Clayton Hatfield actually executed on their position - but, we lost big. Ole Miss was the superior team and there was never really anything to prove to the contrary.

We’ll see what happens against Lamar, and let’s pray that McLane Carter gets healthy. Oh well......Wreck’Em.