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Halftime update: It ain’t looking good

Kingsbury has switched QBs and it’s still tragic.

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

It’s halftime and both McLane Carter and Alan Bowman have looked unable to move a Texas Tech offense down the field. Both QBs have only 49 yards at halftime and only Bowman has a TD to show for it. Kliff Kingsbury made the move to the true freshman Bowman after a few mundane drives from Carter. However Bowman hasn’t shown to be much better. Despite a beautiful throw to Ja’Deion High that resulted in a touchdown, Bowman has struggled to consistently throw an accurate pass to receivers as he currently has a 54% completion percentage.

Defensivley, the team hasn’t been much better. The improved defense that has been boasted all offseason has given up 317 yards, and two touchdowns while the special teams has also given up a kickoff return for a touchdown to begin the year.

its not too rosy right now, but hopefully the team can turn it around and win this game. It is currently 30-17 at halftime.