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Freaky Saturday: Contenders to fill in for Fearless Champion

Who are the favorites to lead the team onto the field?

Oklahoma State v Texas Tech Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Fearless Champion Sidelined

If you haven’t heard, the Masked Rider will not be charging the field atop Fearless Champion, as the horse is sidelined indefinitely with a leg injury.

Fearless Champion has been leading the Red Raiders out on to the football field since the Meineke Car Care Bowl in 2012. Now while Fearless Champion is expected to make a full recovery, lets take a look at possible temporary replacements.

The Contenders:

The Fox

Let’s throw it back to September of 2017 when a surprise guest stormed the field in the middle of a football game against Arizona State. While the fox is quick and would certainly run from a group of padded football warriors, he is no Masked Rider.

So what does the fox say?


Or something like that..

Bart Reagor’s repossessed Lamborghini

Shout out to Jayden Ramirez for putting this idea out there.

Now I can only speculate as to who may be driving the car, but I can that guarantee that it probably wont be Bart Reagor, seeing that in this hypothetical scenario, the car no longer belongs to him. Maybe Kliff Kingsbury? Maybe the Masked Rider can stand on the seats and poke out of the sunroof like the pope? Personally, I’m for this option.

Kliff Kingsbury on a Motorcycle?

I thought of this idea and had an immediate flashback to the last time Texas Tech put a head coach on a motorcycle.

I’m pretty sure Kliff could handle a motorcycle, it would be far more entertaining to see Raider Red to try and drive a bike in a straight line. Also, I really just wanted a excuse to out this video here...

I know Raider Red has rode out on a motorcycle before, but he wasn’t driving, and I would pay good money to see that.

Air Force Flyover... With a Twist

Nothing beats a good ole’ fashioned F-16 flyover. Except for maybe the Masked Rider accompanied by Fearless Champion. But it has done before.

Now imagine this... Dakota Allen gets ejected from the seat of the F-16 and he parachutes on to the field. The smoke fills up the tunnel as Allen prepares to land. The team runs out, greeting their captain at mid-field. Just an idea.. CC Texas Tech Athletics.

I Know You’re Upset

I see it all over twitter:

The good news is, Fearless Champion was not supposed to appear until week three against Lamar. He is expected to make a full recovery and will be evaluated in three weeks.