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Rules for being a true Tech homer in your fantasy football draft

No matter when you draft, draft Patrick Mahomes.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs-Training Camp Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Rule 1

No matter when you draft, draft Patrick Mahomes. I don’t want to hear excuses, you trade your entire roster if you have to just secure him. If there is more than one Red Raider in your draft, a simple contest should be held for the honor of drafting him. I would recommend a cage match, or roshambo.

If you allow Mahomes to get past you in the first round, your house will be cursed forever. This is a challenge Red Raider fans, make him the hottest commodity in fantasy football. He’s set up for a great year anyways, so well worth the pick. But again, if he slips to the second round and you could stop it you will lose every game by 30 points.

Rule 2

Michael Crabtree and Danny Amendola are good receiving options so I doubt I need to make it clear they are an absolutely must pickup. But to be the truest of homer, you must dig deep and draft Jakeem Grant.

Regardless if he ever becomes a starter or not, you get him on your roster and you love him forever. If your faith is pure, maybe the football gods will reward you with him snagging some playing time for a flex role.

Rule 3

Baker Mayfield might eventually end up as the Browns starting QB. He also very likely could sit all year. Either way, he does not touch your roster. In fact, you are encouraged to conspire against and destroy anyone who picks him up.

Add drop every defense, make one sided trades, sell your soul just do not let Baker Mayfield be on a winning roster. Some of you might say “Get over it, move on already”! Mayfield won’t move on, so why should we? And to hell with reason anyways, a true Red Raider never forgives someone who so blatantly used our school as a stepping stone and had the audacity to trash us for it.

Rule 4

DeAndre Washington is the sleeper pickup of the year. Never stop mentioning that, and loudly rejoice if you end up with him as a depth RB2. He will reward you with 10 points when your backfield truly needs it most.

Follow these four simple rules Red Raiders, and the yearly bragging rights will be yours. Let the homer in you shine, and rejoice that football is finally here.