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Tweet of the Week: Football is (sorta) back

Summer camp has started and maybe we’ll figure out who’s our QB

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As Sunday evening winds down, so does day two of football camp in Raiderland. We got a few glimpses of McLane and Duffey killing some drills and nailing passes. More or less, hopefully a new quarterback will be crowned and I can get my hopes up for a great season. Of course with a camp, you don't have a lot to go off of.

I just love camp season because now football floods my timeline even more and I have an excuse to watch plays and drills all day and my friends get annoyed by me when I continuously shove a new video in their faces. But seriously, football is back and let me be. It has been missed. Camp season is the time of year where talking about football all the time is considered normal and not annoying.

I am excited to continue to watch this quarterback competition play out. I personally am rooting for McLane because let’s be real, he was a great back up QB last year and he has a good amount of experience behind the Raider o-line. I am willing to fall in love with Colt Garret on the field though. Also, shout out to Dakota Allen, I mean, I am so excited to see him back on the field now. If you aren’t then just lie to me and say you are. After camp is over, I’m looking forward to everyone’s predictions and overall thoughts.